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    I'm back..

    Well I've been gone for quite sometime... I moved to London and lived there with my Aunt and Uncle for a couple months and have currently been going grad school at the University of North Dakota. Just wanted to say I'm back and will be contributing to the site once again!
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    Moderator Nominations

    lol there's really not a lot to moderate.The site is pretty to use so people post stuff in the right places. And everyone is polite and there's no fighting so pretty easy job being a moderator :cool:
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    Welcome to GT!
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    Hi here =]

    Welcome! Cute Geckos!
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    Howdy from Dallas!

    Welcome to GT!!
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    Ball Python Morph??

    Does anyone know what these morphs are? They don't look like normals, maybe pastels maybe???
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    Don't have a crested gecko yet but !

    You came to the right place! Welcome!!!
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    Happy St.Pattys Day!!!

    I shall be drinking my fair share of green beer today :) ! Hopefully all of you of age are responsible!!! And remember to wear Green!!!
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    hola, y'all

    Welcome to GT!!!
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    Suggestion Box

    I love the Leopard gecko wiki it's awesome!!
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    Suggestion Box It's been done already, check it out. You want want it like how they have it?
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    Suggestion Box

    Maybe instead of a section you can start a thread and we can sticky it to the top of the leopard gecko section? Sound good?
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    Hey everyone

    Welcome to gecko talk!!!
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    Hi there

    Welcome to Gecko Talk Steve!!! You have quite the collection!!! If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask or add your knowledge to our little community!!!
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    Welcome to GT!