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    WTB: Viper Geckos

    Currently looking for female or unsexed viper geckos! Please PM me if you have anything available!
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    RIP Rude

    I've been gone for awhile due to school and other things... During my time absent from this board, my beautiful little harley crestie passed away. He/she was eating well, growing just fine... It was sudden and not expected. Rest in peace, Rude.
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    I feel...

    My boyfriend had a cough Saturday and Sunday, but claimed he wasn't sick... Fast forward to today. I am absolutely miserable. Sore throat, bad cough, horrible congestion, chills, etc etc... Tis the season! LOL Hope everyone feels better soon!
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    Adopted AFTs Pic.. Help and Advice are needed

    Liz, when I saw your pm I was soooo nervous... I am SO happy to see they are eating for you! I don't really have any suggestions... You seem to be doing an awesome job already! I look forward to hearing updates about these two, especially Marley. :)
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    61 new geckos added

    All of them are so awesome! I definitely love those Halloween Masks though. Gorgeous animals.
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    I'm so excited!!!

    Congrats Liz!! I expect more pictures. ;) He does look so cuuute! I love fatty faces.
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    Frog newb! help?

    It's American if it came in with a goldfish shipment in the states. We get them at my store all the time. Bullfrogs can get quite large and are going to need a fair amount of space. There aren't really that many good caresheets out there for them. I got most of my information on them from...
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    Reptocal or rep cal

    I use Rep-Cal products!
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    I own both, I love both for different reasons! :)
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    two new little ones!

    Both of them are absolutely adorable! Congrats on your pickups. I really love that orange on the TUG Sunglow. Very nice!
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    OG strikes again!

    All of them are gorgeous! Nice adds, Paul! :)
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    just hatched

    What a cute baby! Major congrats!
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    Introducing: Reckoner

    *puts on shades* Awesome gecko! Love the vivid orange. :)
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    Holy COW!!!

    Haha, lots to love, huh? :P Big Bertha definitely sounds like a good name.