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    Mini rant

    as long as the knowledge is there i don't see the harm as long as they do it for the right reasons. I know what you mean though mate and i am with you 100%.
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    Pictures of my First Ball Python.

    simply awesome mate good stuff
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    UFO in Hong Kong 9 Sept 2010

    very cool
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    Just got a great deal!!

    just picked up a brand new reptule one enclosure measuring 900x45x45. rrp is 490 and i got it for 230 as it was on clearance. Plan to put 2 rankins dragons in there. Pretty excited
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    New frogs from Pomona

    absolutely amazing thanks for sharing mate. always enjoy your frogs
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    Live Music

    mainly heavy metal bands -ozzy osbourne -black sabbath -iron maiden -megadeth -metallica x3 times -soulfly -arch enemy -children of bodom -amon amarth -alice cooper -slayer -yngwie malmsteen -korn im sure there is more in there
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    Update on my Fatties :)

    i am very jealous they are very beautiful geckos
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    Updated Gargoyle Gecko Enclosure

    love it mate!!!! glad to see a proper enclosure well suited to your gecko species. thanks for sharing. very nice
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    A few frog pics

    absolutely gorgeous!!!! is it hard to keep these guys?? and how are they as pets?
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    marbled velvet gecko enclosure

    hey friends. Sorry for the crappy pictures but my proper camera is broken. This is my velvet marbled gecko enclosure. He has climing vines, a hide on the warm side, a log to hid in on the cool side, a fake plant, water bowl and the usual heating (under substrate), and sun glo style for keeping...
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    New from the Hamm show

    absolutely amazing my friend thanks for sharing
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    PRETTY new Batch of Collareds Hatching

    they are absolutely gorgeous!! well done i am very happy for you!!!
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    4 new baby cresties today

    great little cresties!!! :D keep us updated on how they go!!!
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    Meet Cyrus

    awesome! a very beautiful snake. thanks for sharing!
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    Gecko cage design

    cool stuff man. love that