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    Problem During Shipping

    First of all, sorry for your loss Whitney. I would like to get more details pertinent to the shipment though (like size of box and where it was going).
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    Heat Packs

    I've used 2 or more heat packs in many shipments. I tend to ship most of the year and being in the Midwest, we have some pretty chilly (cold!) days. Sometimes I use multiple 40hr packs, sometimes in conjunction with 60hr packs, sometimes with 10hr packs. All depends on what temperature lows I'm...
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    New V. tristis.....

    Great taste in monitors. I wanted to get the pair myself, but other things to tend to. Good luck with them and be sure to post when you have eggs.
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    New Caledonian geckos

    We are preparing for another season and want to clear out the remaining geckos we are not holding back for breeders. Without further ado: Rhacodactylus auriculatus (Gargoyle gecko) Not pictured: mixed 10-lot of striped and reticulated gargoyles for $500 Red screamer female (over 60...
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    green anoles mating

    You might be right about predation. You are left with two alternatives: (1) Simplify cage design to make finding eggs easy. OR (2) Let the eggs hatch in-situ and look for hatchlings daily in hopes of finding them before the adults do. If you are providing appropriate temperatures and...
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    green anoles mating

    I would veto that recommendation. Anoles in general are very nervous lizards. I don't see trying to catch a gravid female, then moving her to a foreign environment will go over well with the gecko (lots of stress)! I really advise to the contrary...I don't think it's worth the hassle and stress...
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    green anoles mating

    Yes they are tiny tiny tiny. You'll have a hard time finding them unless you tear your enclosure apart.
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    Availability at Reptile Super Show in Pomona, CA - Jan 9-10, 2010

    I will be making the trek out for the Reptile Super Show to be held on January 9-10, 2010 in Pomona, CA. We'll be bringing out an assortment of geckos, so check us out at booth #201 (left at the door). Without further ado: Lygodactylus luteopicturatus - $35 Lygodactylus picturatus - $35...
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    Reptile Super Show Pomona, CA January 9-10, 2010

    I will be there vending
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    Indoor tortoise pens

    Nice pens for sure! I've toyed with the idea of keeping various tortoise species, but their care/needs diverge too much from what I already keep. Care to share the approximate dimensions of the pens pictured?
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    Last minute Christmas gifts (Rhacodactylus inside)...

    We are fast approaching Christmas and the window to safely ship out live animals is nearly here. In an effort to get these animals out to you before then, we are offering the following at reduced prices. 1.0.0 R. auriculatus (Gargoyle gecko) - adult male, 3yrs old, b&w striped $200 shipped...
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    S373: Python Ban Moves Foreward Despite Questionable Science

    I'm not a snake guy by any means, but I believe the "Boa constrictor" complex covers about 10 species. Interstate transport means, no selling in another state, no moving the snake to another state, no relocating to another state with the snake, etc. In the case of moving, you'd have to...
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    S373: Python Ban Moves Foreward Despite Questionable Science

    Time will tell what will happen. If you were able to tune into the Reptile Radio broadcast where they had Andrew from USARK on, or have followed the bill any, this would be clear. The bill has NOT passed into law. It has merely moved forward from this special committee and will go before the...
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    Perfect Mainland R. chahoua

    $335 shipped (USPS) if paid for via paypal today (12/8/2009)
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    Perfect Mainland R. chahoua

    Title says it all. Need to raise funds for other endeavors and offering a perfect chahoua up for sale. From Phil Tremper bloodlines, inquire for more details. Price $375 shipped via FedEx Next Day including insulated shipping box with heat pack. Live arrival guaranteed. See website for...