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    (or trade) ).3 Dune geckos

    0.3 S. Sthenodactylus (Dune geckos) for sale. These 3 females are from great stock and are very impressive animals. Thriving on 2 week crickets. Extremely fun and rewarding species......i am just trying to get into some different species currently. Asking $55 + shipping firm, OR trae for other...
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    Female (striped) Gargoyle gecko

    This is a very impressive girl that I would not mind keeping if she does not get sold soon. Bred from parents coming from Phillipe De Vosjoli lines.....this is an amazing female! She DOES have an extremely small tail nip at the very end of her tail, but otherwise is FLAWLESS! Asking $300 for her...
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    P.I Chahoua PAIR (1.1)

    Looking to sell my pair (1.1) of PASTEL Pine Island (P.I.) Chahoua. Male is a BEAUTIFUL green animal bred from great lines....and female is an amazing animal and is one of the greenest female PI's that I have had the pleasure of working with. The only reason I am selling them is to make room...
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    Mainland Chahoua PAIR (1.1)

    Looking to sell my pair (1.1) of Mainland/GT Chahoua. Male is from Troeger lines and is a completely stunning animal....and female is from (Phil) Tremper lines and is one of the best female Mainlands that I have had the pleasure of working with. The only reason I am selling them is to make room...
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    Crested gecko females

    I have a couple Crested gecko females for sale. All completely healthy and energetic. $70 $50 (adoption-read below) Bean is a very special girl that we hatched out with low circulation in the end of her tail. As a result it is a bit wavy and colored grey-ish, HOWEVER this is a pretty girl...
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    Crested gecko males

    I have a couple Crested gecko males for sale. All completely healthy and energetic. $100 $80 Has a "stump" (3/4) tail. Very healthy otherwise $100 All prices do not include shipping, so please include your zip code when you send me response and i will generate full price shipped. If...
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    MALE high end Crested gecko

    Looking to TRADE only. I have a few males and a couple females available for trade, and so if you have males, please contact me for pictures and info, ect.... Thank you all very much in advance! Dave
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    1.1 Strophurus Intermedius

    I have 1.1 Strophurus Intermedius for sale. They are a proven male and female. Female (picture #2) is SOUTHERN form (Burrelli) and is the rarest of the two. you wont find one like her! MALE (picture #1) Is Strophurus Intermedius (Intermedius)/ EASTERN form. Both very impressive animals. I am...
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    RED male crested gecko

    This tail-less guy is a very nice red with great structure. Bi-color. Very docile and loving....26+ grams and growing. I am looking into new projects, so i am letting him go for $150+ shipping to anyone interested. Message me here, or at my e-mail: [email protected] More info/pics if...
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    Won't breed for me! Help!

    I have a pair of PI Chahoua that have bred just once in the past, but for the life of me i cannot get them to be "interested" in one another anymore. I have tried for about 9 months and they seem to just want to be friends. My female weighs more @ approx. 59 grams and is just over 2.5 years old...
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    help a newbie ID a morph

    100%....sorry haha Hope its a stunner!
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    help a newbie ID a morph

    Partial pinstripe for sure. $30 was a good price IMO, and it will probably get more impressive over time. i have had partial pinners turn to 10% pinners after many sheds.
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    Morph please

    Agree. Steal for $80.00. i have seen babies like this go for $200+ Very nice pattern (100% pinstripe w/ nice lines) and a great contrast in colors too.
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    Jeremiah Update

    This is a LATE response to this post....I know....., but do you happen to have any babies or adults FS at this time?
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    Chahoua or cresty

    Chahoua/Mossy require low amount of care, however they are very delecate and should only be kept by experienced keepers/breeders. #1- Start with Cresteds. They are beautiful, fun, and easy as cake #2- If you do not plan on breeding, you should not get Chahoua.....not cause they are "too much...