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    It is possible to get the ghost/patty gene in a AFT!!

    well, keep us updated! im excited for the future.
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    Morph questions

    to date, i have not seen amel x anything. i have even heard from some big time breeders (jmg) that amel x patternless is alethal combo. from the lack of other amel crosses out there, i suspect it might be true for other combos as well. its very sad, becuase i love amels. however, there are...
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    Newbie Seeks Clarifications

    ya they definitely burrow. if you give them the right kind of substrate they will dig huge elaborate burrows. its kind of neat, but ill warn you now, once they start burrowing you will almost never see them. truly, they are some of the shy-est laziest geckos ever. and if they dig a warm...
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    Switching to Roaches

    usually once your aft refuses a food it takes a while before they will try it again. basically they need to be hungry. if they are hungry enough they will eat just about anything. i feed all my afts on dubia roaches. i try to pick the 3rd to 5th instar nymphs for feeding. the adults are...
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    it seems odd to me that they would only ovulate once per year. anybody have a source on this?
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    Wild Caught Fat Tail Gecko?

    usually the wc afts are a lot less picky than cb. my wc geckos will attack any bug i put in front of them. i think its becuase in the wild the geckos dont really get a choice what to eat, and if you see them when they are first imported they are really skinny. when they see something that can...
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    fuzzy logic, you ever been to the north? its pretty cold. i remember driving with my family in the mountains in january when i was a kid. it must have been 20 or 30 below. even with the heat on full blast we were still all wrapped in winter clothes and blankets, and you could see your breath...
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    best not to do it, but if you have to do it, make sure you have the car warmed up. then get a box, a tupperware container just big enough to hold the gecko, and a heat pad. put the gecko in the tupperware. put the tupperware and the heatpad in the box. keep the box lid shut to hold in more...
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    how often do female afts ovulate? how many clutches can be produced from one successful mating?
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    Is the AFT market dead/dying?

    i have seen aft popularity shooting up like crazy in the last few years. other breeders noticed this and started producing tons of afts and making lots of money. but more recently due to that giant bump in popularity and production the market has become saturated with afts and their price is...
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    why not move the actual gecko subsections to the top of the forum. its called geckoforums but to actually see the conversations about geckos you have to scroll down a bit.
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    Your dream AFT morph!

    I just want to see an amel crossed with anything. Those bright (yet somehow deep) tangerine colors in some crazy patterns would be awesome to see. An amel patternless would be pretty cool too, if the whole gecko was a super bright tangerine color.
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    I also have a male stripe with a regenerated tail. My girlfriend named him "crazy ass" and i have stuck with it, since it is kind of hilarious. Some more favorite names for male geckos: Darwin, William Shattner, Bilbo.
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    Best feeder/breeder roaches for AFT's?

    *how much to feed them
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    Best feeder/breeder roaches for AFT's?

    all my fatties are fed mainly on dubia. dubia are easy to breed. the adults are generally too big for the fatties, but i just feed them the nymphs. how big of a colony you want to start with depends on how many geckos you want to feed. i personally would not start with less than 50 adult...