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    **UPDATE** Gecko better but having trouble eating

    Hi again. Thanks to everyone for the help on my last post about the OMNIVORE vs CARNIVORE medication. I have been feeding him the carnivore stuff for about 3 weeks now and he has been gaining weight and been much more active. His colors are much more vibrant now and he has had 1 shed. His poops...
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    Vet supplied OMNIVOUR emeraid

    Great thanks! Vet told us to soak twice a day while shedding. We did twice a day for a while until after he shed. After a week he decided to shed again. He seems to be shedding almost once every 2 or 3 weeks. Crazy... I have a humidifier in there keeping his humidity 40-50. Might throw in a...
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    Vet supplied OMNIVOUR emeraid

    Yes it was a reptile vet. And I'm not exactly sure the light was for worms. Shr may have been looking for abdominal issues.
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    Vet supplied OMNIVOUR emeraid

    Hi I'm brand new here so I apologize in advance for anything I might do wrong. My leopard gecko (older)was having trouble eating and losing lots of weight and shedding constantly. We went to the vet after we noticed its vent was clogged with old shedding. Vet soaked and got rid of shedding as...