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    Dusting mealworms

    I have a 1.5yr old leopard gecko, I've been giving her dubia roaches as a staple diet and tried adding in super and meal worms. She wouldn't give the supers the time of day. She goes crazy for the mealworms, which is great... except I cant get the calcium to stick to them. Anybody have...
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    Is it too soon to pick up my gecko?

    Whenever I tried to look up proper timing for gecko handling, everyone just kept saying to 'give them a few days'. I've fostered quite a few birds and other small animals and know what a few days in their minds is, just wasn't sure what 'a few days' to a leo would be. It almost seemed too easy...
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    Is it too soon to pick up my gecko?

    Thanks for the encouragement guys, I've handled her for abt 10 minutes 2 days in a row. Shes super sweet, a little squirmy when shes decided she done, but still super awesome! Sorry I didnt mention it in the original post, but yes, Hoshi is a leopard gecko
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    Is it too soon to pick up my gecko?

    I brought Hoshi home Wed night, so she's been home for five days now. She came from a local reptile rescue and seems to be fairly tame, they allowed me to handle her several times at the rescue and she seemed fine. The first two days she was home, she was obviously pretty shy, since then she has...
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    Hey everybody!

    I am a brand spanking new leopard gecko owner, just brought home my girl, Hoshi, 4 days ago. Hoshi is 1.5yr old, friendly, active, and has a voracious appetite. She's being housed in a 20 long tank, has an under tank heat mat hooked up to a thermostat. Has three hides, cool, humid, and hot...