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    Mine tend to love perching on top of smooth caves, so providing some larger features will also give them a break from the substrate sometimes.
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    Reverse Stripe or Heavy Snow?

    The purple banding shows that she isn't a stripe, more that she has an aberrant pattern. She doesn't appear snow to me. Her color may improve when she gets healthier, but likely to be a typical yellow base.
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    Springtail infestation please help!

    In order to clear out, you can clean and then bale the wood in a oven at around 250 F for at least a couple hours (heat needs to penetrate to core). I think you'll have to clean out the tank substrate as well. After that, you'll have to monitor to see if they come back. It's possible they are...
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    Hello everyone.

    Anything interesting as far as climbing opportunities and textures will help keep life interesting for him. Decorative plants are more for keepers, as I haven't noticed my geckos enjoying them much. :)
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    leopard gecko acting strange

    Ensure she has a humid hide in case the increase in nutrition causes her to produce eggs. It will be important to dust with vitamins, calcium, and D3 as well when using store-bought feeders. I usually recommend checking temperature and basic needs in the setup of geckos are acting restless, as...
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    Hello everyone.

    Welcome! Your little guy is a male gecko. It is not possible to exactly age because growth is very much linked to feeding rate, but he looks to be a young adult as far as growth. For improvements, having some more enclosed hides would be nice for him. Humid hides especially are usually made by...
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    New Leopard Gecko Owner!

    People use thermostats, rheostats, or different wattage bulbs to regulate the temperature. If your tank were hot enough to combust a carpet, your gecko would be in mortal danger! Slate tiles can make a very nice substrate, but you'll still need to monitor temperature to make sure they don't get...
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    Butterworm Issues?

    I only ever tried them once because none of my geckos were big on them, but I had no issues. The sticky stuff in the bedding is likely their webbing. Should be fine as long as the bedding isn't damp or moldy. :)
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    First Shedding @ Our House

    Yay, good job, little guy!
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    First Shedding @ Our House

    Prevention like misting sides of cage or putting a damp paper towel in the warm hide can help (don't spray gecko, it can cause skin to stick). If there is stuck shed after a few days time, doing a gecko sauna can loosen it up (Google gecko sauna and let me know if you have questions). You don't...
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    Leopard gecko eye issue help

    Very difficult to tell from the videos, but I'd it looks bigger than the other, there could be a bit of swelling. Unfortunately, not much you can do without a vet exploring a bit for eye issues. Most require prescriptions.
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    Should I Still Use A Dehumidifier?

    Leopard geckos are actually a lot more humidity tolerant than folks believe. As long as temperatures are correct, having mid-range humidity like that is fine. Most keep moss only in the humid hide, so if you are keeping damp moss all around the cage, that would raise the humidity (but not dried...
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    Why is my leo wall surfing?

    Some great options are larger cork rounds or store-bought items like climbing ledges/hides or magnetic ledges that can be fixed higher up on the glass.
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    Moist hide question

    If he's never had moss before, he may be wary of it. Make sure there's plenty of room for him to get in without having to burrow through it.
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    Hello! First Time Reptile Owner Here!

    Big adjustment with reptiles is learning that they don't eat regularly like mammals. They go through weeks where they go after anything moving and have months where they barely eat at all. It's more important to monitor body condition and weight and just ensure they aren't looking skinny and...