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    Let me introduce jim

    Jim was actually not my first gecko saddly that one passed away from shed getting caught on her eye. The first one was jimmy and jimmy was named after the cricket my neighbor gave me(i was in kindergarten) and thought he said jimmy the cricket instead of Jimney cricket from pinochio. Jim...
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    Let me introduce jim

    Wow red and sobek have grown so much in only 2 months
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    Is my leopard gecko male or female?!

    Its easier to see from the side. If right behind the vent is flat it is a female if it is round its a male. Also try not to hold the gecko like that because it can stress them out and they will drop there tail. Put it on a piece of glass or the top mesh of the cage and take the photo from under
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    Question about tail

    You should soak it at least 3 times a month. I give a day every week to soak all my pets to keep them hydrated
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    Red bump on vent?

    Looks almost like a puncture wound is there any thing in it. To get a better pick put her on a piece of glass or the mesh on top of her cage and take the pick from under and it shkuldnt be as blurry
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    Stuck Shed on Toes.

    Soak it for sure and while doing that gently rub the shed with a q tip. When i first got my leo i was kinda carless and just treated like a possesion and left it. I look back at this and feel terrible about this. now in high school and not just and ignorant 1st grader she is a healthy gecko but...
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    Freeze dried are not ideal but desparate times call for desparate measures
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    i bought a surplus of freeze dried insects just be carfull because mice love them so if you have that problem
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    Losing weight, skinny tail, extremely pale

    I would flat out say dont keep them together. I have not had a good experiance with keeping and genders together. I tryed it a number of years ago when i had to leos both female and same size.they could fight till the death if i didnt stop them. One other possibility is they dont feed as much...
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    cool thanks ill check that out
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    so I've got 2 beautiful American toads I got about 8 months ago. we lost one awhile ago because he refused to eat. my biggest toad, marble is not hesitant about eating and eats roaches mealworms crickets and her absolute favorite, earthworms!! as I normally do a few times a month I observe my...
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    Beardie wont bask

    Ok thanks, im starting to find the problem. Because it is my sisters dragon she told me the tempnwas fine but i checked myself and it was 137 so i dont blame the lizard for avoiding it .he started slowly mobing to the warmer side when i checked/changed the temp though she originaly had a log...
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    Beardie wont bask that is the link it has pics of the lizard his tanl and the lights
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    who else is going and who is presenting there pets
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    Beardie wont bask

    So ive asked this on other forums like so my little bearded dragon tango wont bask all all day he sits on his hammock or behind a rock as close to the back corner as he can get all his temps are fine let me know what you think