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    Tropical reptile supplies for 55$, worth over 100$/ will ship!

    Hey guys, I'm not sure where to post this so I figured here would be okay: I have over 100$ worth of reptile supplies, most of which has never been used. reptile supplies! No trades, and I'd like to go through paypal. You pay for shipping, and I'll use whatever shipping company you prefer. If...
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    Pecto fails once again

    They told me they'd fix it. Still haven't, and if a week goes with nothing, I'm emailing again. What sucks is my Leo is VERY LAZY! hahaha:D
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    Fake tropical plants, 18" zoomed hood light, exo terra glow dome lamp

    Hey there ladies and gents, I've got a good amount of fake plants, vines, a ZooMed 18" naturalistic terrarium hood, a couple misc. light bulbs, a timer, and a Exo Terra 5.5" glow dome lamp for sale. No trades, and I will ship depending on if I think you're a real person. reptile supplies!'...
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    Pecto fails once again

    Ahh yes. The #1 rated reptile store fails. How shocking- If you look down a bit, you can see that they say leopard geckos are diurnal. So I sent them a little email
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    Exo Terra 18x18x24 congo kit plus more! Sacramento, CA

    Exo Terra 18x18x24 congo kit also have a 67 gallon tall tank for cheap. PM me for that
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    67 gallon terrarium for sale/trade NORCAL/sacramento 75$

    67 gallon terrarium No shipping, sorry guys
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    Funny cobra video! (vulgar language)

    I was browsing facebook like any other teenager(unfortunately), and came across this video. He says the F word like every other word but if you don't care, it's pretty hilarious: I about died of...
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    What diurnal lizard to get?

    Yeah, I'm trying to find some for a decent price. I asked my local reptile shop if they could special order some so I don't get killed on shipping.
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    What diurnal lizard to get?

    Hahaha That's what I heard. And yes, the babies are so small, but so adorable! You're supposed to tape up ANY hole in the viv. If I do go ahead with them, I'll have to tape the doors closed! Just kidding, I'll be housing them in small sterilite's when I have babies. But in all seriousness, how...
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    What diurnal lizard to get?

    Oh good lord. I knew I was forgetting something. PRICE! I don't really have a set price range, but as a teenager, I can't afford one lizard for $160(a williamsi I found) Probably no more than like 60$ for a single animal, and maybe a little bit more for a communal group. Just nothing crazy...
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    What diurnal lizard to get?

    The williamsi are pretty cool! Where can I look for a price? Or how much did they cost you?
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    What diurnal lizard to get?

    I just got an exo terra congo 18x18x24 and was thinking about getting a crestie, but want something that's active because I have a lazy leo right now xD. I like mourning gecko's and people say they're pretty active, but if anyone who owns them can chime in that'd be great. My preferences: Be...
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    Think you could help my friend win a facebook contest?

    Hey guys, think you could give a friend of mine's picture a like?(I'm not a spammerrr.) I wasn't going to do this until I saw that it was too late to enter so why not help a brother out? I think when you like it you have to like an app that pops up, but you can delete it after you like it if you...
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    Canon T3i vs. T2i vs. Nikon D3100

    Alright, so I've been looking at these three camera's for my first DSLR for awhile now and I don't really know which one I should get. It seems like the only difference between the canon's are the articulating screen, which I don't really need. I've heard the d3100 gets jello-ey during video...
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    Many up for adoption

    Of course right when i find a free leopard gecko's near me, they're all gone. :main_thumbsdown: