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    What Morph?

    Thank you for your advice, I’m really excited to breed him next year when he’s ready. Wren
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    What Morph?

    Hi all, let me know your thoughts on what I have - His clutch mates were tangerine reverse stripe, but he doesn’t look like them he’s white and lavender with yellow tinge on back legs. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
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    What Morph?

    I purchased this morph because he looks different to how his clutch mates came out - they were all tangerine reverse stripe - but this guy came out looking so different, white and lavender with a tinge of yellow on the back legs, but no black on him at all?! Any thoughts on what morph he might...
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    Hello Leo Lovers!

    Thanks I really like SS too. I want to breed my MS to him when she’s old enough, see if I get any more.
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    Hello Leo Lovers!

    Hi all, first time on a forum I’m a bit nervous so will keep it brief! I have 5 Leo’s and looking to start breeding them for fun next year.
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    This is Javis my Super Mack Snow
  7. B125EB45-963C-4605-8239-EB8838EAC2F2.jpeg


    This is Bandit - My bold bandit
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    This is Roxy my new Mack Snow
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    This is Franklin my new wild card - let me know what you think his morph might be???