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    Cornsake not growing?

    Are you feeding live or frozen. I owned snakes for 30 years and have never seen a "feeding by weight" chart. I see no reason why you couldn't feed him more than one pinkie at a time. Just wait for the first one to go down, give him a couple of minutes and give him another. I have done this with...
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    Bioactive anole vivarium

    I make my lids out of plywood. That should support the weight of most cats unless you have a tiger or something big.
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    Bioactive anole vivarium

    You can build a top easier and cheaper and customize it any way you want.
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    Savannah monitor set up

    Is the lack of response a thumbs up?
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    Jackson Chameleon

    Is the lack of response a thumbs up?
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    Jackson Chameleon

    I am getting a baby Jackson chameleon this weekend. I got the cage set up and wanted to see if there was anything else I should need. This will be my first chameleon. This cage should house him for 6-9 months. it is 16x16x20. I will be hand misting it several times a day. I have thoroughly...
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    Savannah monitor set up

    I am getting a monitor in 5 days. I have been working to get the cage set up and I wanted to post a picture of the tank so anyone can let me know if anything else would be needed. Keep in mind that this tank is only going to be holding him for about 6 months while I build a lot bigger enclosure...
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    Savannah monitor set up light question

    I am setting up a tank for a new arrival in 2 weeks. I've read every where to use halogen lamps and to use 2 50 watt bulbs instead of 1 100 watt bulb. I've also read to use the lights from Lowes or Home Depot instead of spending the extra money buying the pet ones. Can anyone that has these...
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    Trans Pecos Rat Snake question

    I just got a young (11") trans pecos at a show last week. I went to feed him for the first time last night with a live pinkie. He went right after it, picked it right up, and swallowed it without constricting it first. Is it possible he was trained on frozen and never needed to constrict. Dinner...
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    When can I handle my corn?

    With snakes, I always give them 2 days in their new home before I try to handle or feed. Even if I am taking a snake out of the cage to clean it, I still give them 2 days. Snakes stress easily and are sometime best left alone. I would give her a few days to get used to her surroundings. Also...