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    Why aren't some breeders on this site???

    well maybe one of them will read this. they do read over everything. they have time to read everything and make sure you're following the rules... trust me. haha
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    is all non-toxic paint animal safe?

    and if not, what is? where can i go to get animal safe paint so i can paint things such as foam for hides? :main_huh:
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    capture the moment =) [tons of pictures]

    ahhhh my battery died right in the middle of her shed. i had to charge it for like a minute then put it in, take it out, charge it for a minute, etc, etc, etc. hahaha. cameras these days. ugh haha when are they gonna start making everlasting batteries ;)
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    My little MSE girl and my first leopard

    beautiful geckos!! my boyfriend is actually from poland. he moved here when he was seven. pretty cool place from what i hear! =)
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    Why aren't some breeders on this site???

    ps. a lot of the answers these people give you aren't just "he says she says" answers. they are pretty legit if i do say so myself. there are a lot of people who have been dealing with leos for decades! so i would say they indeed know they shizz =)
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    Why aren't some breeders on this site???

    they are kinda crazy with the rules sometimes. for instance theres a rule that you can't have a font bigger than size 2 or 3 for your signature... they gave me a couple of violation-of-code points for it, too... i could understand if they sent me a warning, you know? but yeah, i'm not too sure...
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    capture the moment =) [tons of pictures]

    this is my first time seeing bella shed, so i thought i could share this experience with you guys =) hoodie=) unh unhhhh daaawwwwww nom! =) haha her arm looks weird smiling for the camera woke up leucifer "all this shedding really wears me out" she...
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    What morph do you HATE?

    couldn't have said it better myself. :main_thumbsup:
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    to gecko or not to gecko..

    just sneak him into college, i would definitely get one =) haha
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    photo shoot! [looooots of pics!]

    i'd say he's about half a year old, we got him in april, and he was about 2 months old at that time. haha my other adult is a jerk, though. you can't even touch him without him getting pissy hahah i got rex first, though, and i used to play with him for hours and hours every day, so i guess...
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    photo shoot! [looooots of pics!]

    haha thank you! he is the most personable one. i can do pretty much anything and everything to him and he won't mind at all.. i can "scare" him, and he actually plays along with it.... he's such a dog =) hahaha i loveeeee him!
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    photo shoot! [looooots of pics!]

    got up a little too early this morning (very unusual) so i had some time to take some pictures of my babies. hope you like! :D:D 'ello princess bella =) he seemed to like the feel of the mirror on his belly =) "is there anything in my teeth?"
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    does anyone know where i could buy a patternless gecko?

    any, really. i'm just browsing around checking out which one i definitely want to get. thank you!