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    5 tier boaphile rhinoraxx

    Downsizing and need to sell my rack. It's a 5 tier boaphile, tubs and heat included. A little less than a year old and still very clean. Asking $300 shipped. Also selling a herpstat 4 for $250.
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    Herpstat 4

    Down sizing my collection so I have a herpstat 4 for sale. About a year old and I never used more than two of the outputs. Asking $250 plus actual shipping.
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    Moving need to sell

    I am moving and I need to sell some of my geckos. Pics 1 and 2 - Female Super Hypo - The first one is a current pic and the other is when she was younger and a little brighter. Although she is brighter than the current pic shows. Asking $100. Pic 3 - Female RAPTOR - Eyes are...
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    Wired Ranco Thermostat $50 Shipped!

    Selling a wired Ranco Thermostat for $50 shipped.
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    Wash Your Hands!!!

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    Wash Your Hands!!!

    Yeah I know, but it can't be that bad if Bear Grylls is willing to drink it. :main_yes:
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    Wash Your Hands!!!

    I'm sure your hands are MUCH dirtier. It would be interesting to do a bacterial culture to find out though.
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    Wash Your Hands!!!

    Well I'm sure your hands are much dirtier than anything down there.... After all urine is sterile. Reminds me of that joke, I'm really bad at telling jokes btw, but the navy guy tells the marine "in the navy they teach us to wash our hands after" and the marine replies "in the marines they...
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    Another after shed photo...

    Is it her pattern or the photo that makes her look like she is moving really fast?
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    Metzcal and Windows 7

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    Metzcal and Windows 7

    Does anyone know if metzcal is windows 7 compatible? Thanks Keith
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    Egg Crates

    I have a bunch of egg crate I would like to sell. 20 for $10 50 for $20 + actual shipping I have a hundred or so, but I can get more if needed. PM me if interested. Thanks Keith
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    Cool new Bristlenose plecos

    Those are cool plecos, they look like the calico/marble variants. They are awesome at eating algae stay small (for a pleco), but make sure you have some driftwood in there for them to graze on.
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    Atempt to salvage those sub par pics

    Anyone else have any feedback?
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    Atempt to salvage those sub par pics

    The levels tool seems to be a milder adjustment. If the pic wasn't so underexposed it that is what I would probably use. Notice that I didn't change the colors of the gecko. If you are planning or even thinking of breeding you need to make sure not to alter the color of the gecko. It is...