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    Another after shed photo...

    Is it her pattern or the photo that makes her look like she is moving really fast?
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    Metzcal and Windows 7

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    Metzcal and Windows 7

    Does anyone know if metzcal is windows 7 compatible? Thanks Keith
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    Cool new Bristlenose plecos

    Those are cool plecos, they look like the calico/marble variants. They are awesome at eating algae stay small (for a pleco), but make sure you have some driftwood in there for them to graze on.
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    Atempt to salvage those sub par pics

    Anyone else have any feedback?
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    Atempt to salvage those sub par pics

    The levels tool seems to be a milder adjustment. If the pic wasn't so underexposed it that is what I would probably use. Notice that I didn't change the colors of the gecko. If you are planning or even thinking of breeding you need to make sure not to alter the color of the gecko. It is...
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    Atempt to salvage those sub par pics

    I messed with the levels tool a bit but wasn't able to get quite the same result. I'm sure that if I messed with it more I could manage though.
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    Atempt to salvage those sub par pics

    Ok, so this is my first ever photo tutorial. On a subject that I more than likely should not be giving a tutorial on, but here it goes. Not all of us have the best photography skills or gear (I am one of these). As a result there is something wrong with most of the pics that I end up with. I...
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    New Rat! :D (pics)

    What is her personality like? They LOVE yogurt, not too much though. Scrambled eggs too.
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    The Dog Whisperer?!

    He isn't jabbing dogs in the throat. It supposed to simulate how another dog would discipline. It just gets their attention and refocuses their mind. Gotta think like a dog.
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    Scared of the camera...

    Thanks for the suggestions Robin. I will definitely try them. I do take their hides from their tubs so that they have something that smells familiar, as soon as they see that giant eyeball they freak.
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    Scared of the camera...

    Are there any tricks to getting geckos used to getting their pics taken? I know they wont always stay still but I got some new guys and I really want to get some nice pics of them but they are relatively young and really fast. I understand why they are scared and that young ones are more...
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    New Zealand smuggler caught!

    These statements done add up to me. I don't see how a $3500 fine would be deterrent. Assuming that he smuggled a similar number of reptiles his previous trips, not counting anyone that came with him, that would add up to; 44lizards per tripx3tripsx2800street value per animal=$369600total...
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    20,000 exotic animals seized in Texas raid

    That's the government for you...