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    New gecko with possible infection

    Not all runny, urates look good but the poo is crusty and flakey with a lighter color not solid and dark brown. Can you click on the photo to see? Its blurry when I post..
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    New gecko with possible infection

    If you click on the picture you can see it better
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    New gecko with possible infection

    I just received a new MSE from Bhb on Thursday.. her tail is already thinner than pictured... she will not eat and her stool looks like this... (with runny liquid running off her hide onto her paper towel.) I'm thinking parasites. What do you think?
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    Best aborel beginner frog

    I havent kept many frogs, only one to be exact, and the whites tree frog was it.. I agree they are fairly hardy pets =) They can grow to be quite large though, I think the size of a fist for either males or females I'm not positive..
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    She finally ate

    Nicely done! Good luck in the future with her, hope she keeps on eating for you!
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    New Water Dragon enclosure!

    Looking great! Happy Dragon!
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    Library Reptile Display!

    The Mixed up Chameleon by Eric Carle - Early childhood picture book I Wanna Iguana - is a cute primary book Check out this site for more:
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    Male italian leather back

    Wow they are both breathtaking!! Beautiful babies on the way!! Congrats and good luck with the eggies =)
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    Conjoined (Cephalopagus?) Twins that didn't make it *semi-graphic*

    :main_yes: I agree, this was very useful.. the information was very interesting.. I'm glad I read the thread :D Thanks Paul and everyone else who shared! Did you ever get ahold of anybody that would study them? or perhaps, have you taken a closer look at the internal view?
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    Let's Talk About: "Funky Jungles"

    Nice idea for a thread, those patterns are killer! The geckos are all so very nice looking!! Great work, keep it up!!
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    Sad Night

    I am sorry too. Sometimes these things just happen, for whatever reason. There is so much that we still do not know about them, my vet told me that once when I took one of my girls to him, she passed within two days of getting her home. I hope you cheer up sometime soon.. she is in heaven and...
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    White Out ZERO from JMG !!!

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    Show Off Your Cages

    Chechatonga, nice cage.. I'm digging that wall.... and
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    Shadow Puppys Winter Photoshoot!

    Goldens are so happy go lucky and loving! Mine loves the snow too =) Cute pics!!
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    New Avatar- LIke???

    Pretty pic, pretty Bell!