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    My most popular sale is back! During the month of December, buy any two leopard geckos, and receive a third of equal or lesser value absolutely free! Shipping is $40, no matter how many geckos you purchase. See all available animals on my website, Shipping windows are small...
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    New Website

    Nice job! Was that a free template or commercial? I've been fussing with Wordpress for about a month, and can't get it to do what I envision it should...
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    How can we improve the classifieds section on GeckoForums?

    I think a form field style would be nice; as others have said, that would require or at least encourage more information, especially REAL name, location, and could even be used as a bit of a self-help type system with drop-downs for various species, morphs, etc. Hatch dates? Weights? Lineage...