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    need some advise on cleaning my geckos tank

    you're changing her home, even if you put everything back how it was it's not exact to how it was. That can cause a moody lizard until they adjust to the changes, even minute changes. This is true with almost all animals that live in enclosures. Mine does the same thing after a cleaning, he's...
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    Is a reptile mat alright?

    I wouldn't use a substrate, to easy for them to get impacted i think, but everyone has their favorites and reasons why they're the best of the best. to each their own :) FWIW I used a mat for the first year, give or take, i had my gecko (i've had him 2 years and a few days now so i'm far from...
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    Leopard Gecko Eating Problem

    So i'm feeding mine to often maybe? he's 2 years old beginning of May. He just molted this past weekend and this was the first feeding since then, he wouldn't touch the worms until last night.
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    Leopard Gecko Eating Problem

    My Leo does the same thing. I use silicon tongs to feed him meal worms or giant meal worms, whatever the LPS has in stock here. Mine acts like he forgot what to do with his tongue a few weeks back. He bites the worm then pushes it out of his mouth with his tongue. What's weird is he doesn't...
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    Hello again

    Hey all, I joined here about 2 years ago looking for info on getting my first Leo. I have owned a Mack snow for 2 years this June. Gorgeous little guy. My son named him Frye. I call him Small Frye. There he is Christmas 2017, 7 months old (I was told he hatched in early May, I got him mid...
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    dipping my toes in

    Hey all, My son (17) and I have been discussing another pet to add to the "family". Currently we have a Morkie (Maltese and Yorkshire terrier cross) and about 2 dozen different species of tarantulas. After discussing and debating on which pet would be next, we settings on the leopard gecko...