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    E. hardwickii

    And I just realized this thread is super old, ha.
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    E. hardwickii

    Steve Sykes of Geckos Etc breeds E. Hardwickii. Last year he had a pair for sale that went for about $4500 I believe. There is also another breeder in the States that is working with them but I can't remember the name.
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    Bottom jaw

    Do you have a photo? Some Geckos can have under bites from either calcium deficiency or other or it can be genetic.
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    How many pets do you have?

    I want to change mine to 6 Geckos, 2 Cats, and a Puppy, lol.
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    How Many Leos Do You Have

    I think it's insane when people have like 150+ Geckos, I can't even imagine taking care of that many! Not saying it's a bad thing, I just think of my 5 Geckos and can't imagine having 100, lol. I've answered already but I have 1 adult and 1 baby Leo, and also 3 AFTs. :)
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    How Much Has Your Life Changed?

    I haven't read through this whole thread but I can imagine that most people have described that their lives have changed for the better. I LOVE my herps, more than anything, and I could never give them all up but I can't say my life has changed for the better. I don't go out as much, I don't...
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    Crested gecko

    Looks good except he's going to need a LOT more plant cover and maybe some more vines up higher to climb on. Cresties are generally more comfortable and will eat better if they have lots of places to hide. :)
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    Three crazy cats

    Cute Cats! I love your Siamese, he's so purty. ^_^ We have 3 Cats as well, they are a handful!
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    How many pets do you have?

    We have 3 Cats, 3 Geckos an a Puppy. :)
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    I battled a tiger Sunday.. what did you do?

    Omg jealous! Tigers are my all-time favorite animal!!
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    First Hatchling - hadouken

    Adorable! I really like his pattern. :D
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    Why are some geckos our 'favorites'?

    My favorite Gecko is Gaia. She was my first Reptile, my first Gecko, and she is just lovely! She has a wonderful little personality and I love her chunky little self. <3
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    KTyne's Naturalistic Build

    One layer of grout is on. :) Now to paint and seal and put together the tank!
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    Show off Your tats!

    My first tattoo of cherry blossoms when I was 18, very crappily done. My second tattoo at 19, based off of a painting by my favorite artist. My third tattoo at 20, an Ankh because I love all things Egypt. :) I also have a tattoo appointment booked for February 12th and a second session on...
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    New Enclosure for my Crestie :')

    Yeah for sure! The KK was hell in itself to keep the humidity up! I spray the enclosure in the morning and then again at night to keep it up. :) Also I have like 5 layers of paper towel on the bottom, lol.