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    ah it's the "what are you listening to" thread
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    Chelydra serpentia serpentia

    Found this Eastern Snapping Turtle beside the road on my way back from the auto shop today. I HAD to take pictures, of course. He had maybe a 15 inch shell length. Missing an eye and had a nice scar on his head too. Enjoy.
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    Cage Size question

    That would be a good size for hatchlings until they get to be about twelve inches long or so. By then they will require at least an 18x36 cage footprint. It usually takes about 6-8 months like sam said. They do grow fast.
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    I'm very sorry to hear about your dragon. It sounds like you are handling the situation well, though. I'm glad you are bringing attention to the issue because it actually is a little discussed topic. This is common with larger reptiles and high wattage bulbs. A lot of people think they need...
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    Peyton Manning Leaving the Colts

    Adrian Peterson all day! :-D I'm a Vikings fan myself. My Dad is from Minnesota and Peterson came from OU so double the rationale for me. ;-)
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    Peyton Manning Leaving the Colts Pretty crazy. I've never been a Colts fan but there's no deneying that this guy is an icon and it'll be weird to see them without him next year. It's looking like the ending of his career is on the horizon...
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    madagascar chameleon

    Here are some good ones; I'd also suggest you read the book; "Chameleons: everything about purchase, care, nutrition, and breeding" By Richard D. Bartlett and Patricia Bartlett. It's very informative and easy to...
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    madagascar chameleon

    I think you'll have to be a little more specific, since many, many species of chameleon originate from madagascar, and I'm not aware of a species with this common name. Do you have the scientific name, or another common name?
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    Bio-active substrate

    Yup, read it. love it. love Gregg, too. x-P Thanks for sharing, it helps hearing someone else's experience with it. I'm interested in keeping a desert viv with a bosc monitor and a rain forest viv with a boa constrictor. Maybe one desert viv for a leopard gecko too. Obviously there are lots of...
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    Bio-active substrate

    I loved Gregg Madden's article on bio-active substrate on the Gecko Time blog. (Link for those who haven't read yet: ) I love the idea of keeping reptiles as naturally as possible. I've never liked sterile pristine...