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    RIP Ollie

    Aw...sounds like she was happy with you! Sad when they go, I know. *Hugs* Aliza!
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    Thank (only some of) you!!

    Oh I get it, I was just trying to be funny, too. Yay, I fail! I do try to thank everyone who bother to compliment me. Or add something pertinent to a discussion. Or clarifies the facts of a matter. Even if they don't like me to begin with. The cliques thing is gonna happen whenever and wherever...
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    Thank (only some of) you!!

    Snickers ALMOND is the way to go. I'm lousy at cliques, I always have been. It's ruined both my political aspirations and my plans to take over the world. *sigh* That said, I am guilty of using the "Thanks" button both to express actual gratitude as well as using it similar to a "Like"...
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    *** this okay?

    oh. necro-thread, my bad.
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    I just thought this was super AWESOME!

    So I decided to share:
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    Here's one example of the maxim not being accurate:
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    Those gargs are anything but drab. Lovely!
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    dying inside never wanted to post here

    Handsome lucky to have your love. I feel for you, I do. Memorial is the best thing you can do. Sappy as this belief is, I believe as long as you remember and love something, part of it never completely dies. I still miss my Jadis all the time, and she's been gone for over two years...
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    You do always have the option of turning around and walking away. You cannot control other people's actions, but you guys reacted out of fear instead of acting from logic. I would have grabbed the toddler and shouted "leave it!" to anyone else. If you had all gone inside and calmed down, you...
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    I had no idea chameleons were viviparous! Wow, congrats!
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    Happy Birthday, Kelli!!

    :heart: :balloon2: :party2: :sunny: :balloon: :balloon3: :daisy: :balloon2: :balloon3: :balloon: :daisy: :party2: :sunny: :heart: I don't know if you will like the retro cake, but I totally think it's radical. Thanks for everything you do around here to keep this place up and running...
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    Pastel Ivory

    Sooooo pretty! Would they call that head lavender in BPs, or not? Very lovely! I don't need ball pythons. I don't need ball pythons. I don't need ball pythons.
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    Ovariosalpingectomy : Eublepharis macularius

    Dang it! I tried that, and got the frame with the white screen, but I saw no film "preview" so I thought I had done it wrong. I was halfway there...oh, well. Thanks!
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    Ovariosalpingectomy : Eublepharis macularius

    Not for the squeamish!! I'm not sure what's up with the Tricky/Massive Attack soundtrack, but this was an interesting video...showing just how an eggbound situation is dealt with. Owie. If this has already been posted, sorry to duplicate it. I've never seen it...
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    Rest easy, Nero

    He was really pretty...Sorry you lost him. =(