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    what's up gecko people!

    Welcome! I also love art and draw quite a bit. I paint here and there. I've kept alot of reptiles in the past but I've always wanted to care for the day gecko species. I hope to purchase a pair once I get a bigger place along with the setup you described. Bioactive setups are my absolute...
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    Alternate food source

    Mealworms are a really good food source for them as well.
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    What morph is my gecko + General taming?

    I'm not sure on the morph but to handle your gecko you simply lower your hand in front of it slowly so that it knows you're there then gently try to slide your hand underneath it. If it's not too skittish it should walk onto your hand as you're sliding it under. If it backs away but you have to...
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    Looks like a female to me. Like acpart said the buldge isn't very pronounced and the pores aren't hardly noticeable. I have a 5 month old male and the bulge behind his tail is fairly larger than what I see in your pictures. Just in case I am wrong, I'd keep an eye on the pores and see if they...
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    List All Your Animals Here!

    2 leopard geckos, Taddle and Tail 1 chameleon named Pascal 1 ball python named Spaghetti (hanging out with le gf) 1 apricot pacman frog named Clyde 2 doggos, Boomer and Snoopy 1 cat named George
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    I may have a possible patternless..?

    Oh I see. I didn't think full blizzards could get any unusual spotting. Thanks for the information.
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    I may have a possible patternless..?

    So I bought one of my adult geckos from a pet store. She was an adult when I purchased her and the store attendents did not display the name of the morph but I assumed she was a blizzard until I noticed a spot right behind her right eye. From what I know is that blizzards do not show any...
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    Normal or high yellow?

    Thanks for the information guys it was really helpful! I thought it was a high yellow as well because it does show it more than the normals do. :D
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    Normal or high yellow?

    Hey! I'm new here and I've never posted any threads or anything like this before. My first thread is probably going to be a stupid one but I just want to be sure :rolleyes: I have recently bought a juvenile leopard gecko from this hole in the wall pet store (I have another gecko from the same...