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    Help regarding a rescue leo

    Looks like you might have a sunglow morph. If not it's defenitely some kind of tangerine morph. You did a beautiful job taking care of him. I'd say you can put in some low platforms he can climb safely but also hide under. Maybe you could put in a low hanging hammock or some small pieces of...
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    Question about tail

    Your gecko may have stuck shed on its tail. Sometimes a gecko may miss some of the shed and it can become stuck, its common, however, If it is left on there it could cut off circulation and make the tail fall off. The best thing you can do is let your gecko soak in warm shallow water, wait for...
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    Is she in pain after eating??

    She seems like she was trying to get the cricket down. I don't think a gecko feels pain when doing this but it probably feels uncomfortable. Just be sure to feed your gecko the right sized foods so you can prevent this from happening in the future.
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    weird spot on the tip of mouth

    The pictures are a little blurry but it looks like either the start of mouth rot or your gecko might've rubbed against a sharp object in the tank. The best thing you can do is have a vet take a look. They will be able to rule out whether its mouth rot or an injury.
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    Rescue Leo

    Well no matter the morph it's still a nice looking gecko. I was convinced I had a blizzard for a while but judging by the looks of it she's more of a Murphy's Patternless to me. It's sometimes hard to tell those two apart as adults without test breeding but I'd rather her just be a mystery.
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    My gecko is gulping for air and I need help

    Thanks. I hope you catch him in the act lol.
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    Can you please tell me the sex of this leopard gecko?

    From the picture it looks like a young male because of the clogged pores above the vent but it could be a female that had a difficult shed. I recommend soaking your gecko in warm shallow water to get rid of the old shed. You can use a Q-tip to gently wipe the pores above the vent to clean them...
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    My gecko is gulping for air and I need help

    I'm glad she's back to normal. Just keep an eye out. Also she went back to her bright color because she shed! They eat their skin and leave no trace for predators, it's an instinct. Plus it's good for them. It's rare to catch your gecko in the act because it happens so quickly. Mine took only a...
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    My gecko is gulping for air and I need help

    Crickets and mealworms are a good staple for them but it's best to do a variety every now and then to keep them interested. I've never heard of a gecko getting depressed over eating the same foods all the time but it could be different with wild caught geckos as I'm not experienced with owning...
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    Rescue Leo

    I knew I wasn't seeing things.. The color threw me off.
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    My gecko is gulping for air and I need help

    It might've been the previous owners husbandry because from what I can tell your husbandry seems fine. Another possibilty is that they might've had her humidity on the higher side then she had a sudden change when you got her but I might just be overthinking lol. It could be a number of reasons...
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    My gecko is gulping for air and I need help

    It could be that the moths are too big for them. If they are slightly larger than an adult cricket and they are only 3-4 inch geckos, I don't even recommend adult crickets as a staple until they are older. Remember that geckos should only eat insects that are as big as the space between their...
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    Rescue Leo

    Some Leo's grow faster than others so it is not uncommom to just have a slow growing gecko. He could also just be small. Crickets are okay as staple feeders so as long as he was being fed and supplemented good and he is healthy, I wouldn't worry. I have a year old male and he is about the size...
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    Rescue Leo

    I feed babies once a day, juveniles every other day, and adults 3 times a week. I cant say the exact age of your gecko, but to me it looks like a juvenile so once every other day should be fine. Only feed hornworms as a treat (about 2 or 3 a week) because they are high in fat and your gecko...
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    Leopard gecko enclosure

    Your gecko will never get bored of its hides. I honestly think they lack the capability of being bored unlike humans. The only reason you should really change them out is if you get bigger hides that they are growing out of as young geckos, or if you just want to add new hides yourself for looks.