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    8 Bizarre Tentacled Snakes Born at National Zoo

    Heh. They're already in the pet trade. Not often, compared to something like leos, but they're available from time to time through classified ads and dealer lists. Usually WC, but there are CB tentacled snakes available as well because... While this is the first time in a long time that the...
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    My dad found and dropped off this little guy and I have questions

    Appears to be Taricha granulosa granulosa, based on the phenotype and morphology. Rough skinned newt. Sometimes called an Oregon newt or an orange belly newt. For a North American species they are exceptionally toxic. Generally not an issue when limited contact is made with the skin of the...
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    People Thinking This is about their feelings

    Hypocrite. This thread is amusing as hell. People who whine and pout when they are corrected, 'cause they couldn't find their ass with both hands and a map when it comes to herpetological information participating in a thread where they bluster and swagger and claim that the feelings of...
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    Most Humane Culling Procedure?

    The above post, partially quoted for reference, is riddled with factual errors. I explained several of them, much, much earlier in this thread, back in 2010 when it was started. Many of her above contentions are applicable to most mammals and have no merit in a discussion of reptile...
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    the ASPCA's characterization of exotic pets

    ... why doesn't the hypothetical gecko have teeth?
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    I'm just going to leave this here as a reminder to myself.
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    I'm not even sure which part to explain first. There are more than two red, black and yellow striped snakes and the rhyme is inaccurate in both directions. There are harmless snakes that the rhyme would label as dangerous, and venomous snakes that the rhyme labels as harmless. Admittedly...
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    Mixing Toad Species?

    I have an analogy. You are pretty well acquainted with aquarium systems, if I am remembering correctly. So you have some experience considering the needs and behaviors of different species of animal, in order to predict which ones can be mixed into a single environment. You're also aware of...
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    Eh, mixed chances of that. Being primarily neurotoxic, the systemic effects are a result of venom traveling through the bloodstream to susceptible tissues and organ systems. The person is smaller, but their circulatory system is scaled down to match. Of much more significance than the mass of an...
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    Relocation of any animal carries some inherent stress and risks to the animal in question, just the act of doing it is an event that causes responses. Turns out that most North American snakes, of many species and from many areas, do especially badly though. Some far, far worse than others-...
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    Mixing Toad Species?

    Yes. Predatory behaviors: even if similar in size, because their feeding responses tend to be strongly motion based, there is increased risk of injury to limbs and digits. Territorial behaviors: potentially outright dominance among some species, but even subtle effects and avoidance can have...
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    Alright then. Coral snakes are elapids, all elapids are fixed front fanged. They are not a rear fanged species, they are capable of envenomation from a single bite, they are capable of opening their mouth wide enough to strike many surfaces on the human body, the fangs are long enough to...
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    My backyard is full of surprises

    So... who wants to know which of the above information (in multiple posts) is wrong?
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    Failure or success is irrelevant, it still leaves me culpable. Perhaps this is something I should endeavor to be more cognizant of in the future as I participate. Maybe a combination of modulating my own approach to be more in-line with the attitude and tone that is appropriate for the sense...