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    My first two babies of the season First Hatchling of the Season.. SHTCT het Patty Hatchling number 2 making his entrance Hatchling number two all the way out! SHTCT het Patty My season of hatching has started :D I hope everyone else is having a great season as well!
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    Two new Balls!!

    Very nice pick ups! :D
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    SHAKES FIST!!!!!

    Seriously? o.O I cannot believe...wait yes I can..There are so many ignorant people out there that believe that what they are doing for their animals is right but in this case I have a feeling she knows different and is only hoping to get someone ignorant enough to take them for $50.. These are...
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    My Crestie Ember and a ?? or two...

    Thanks Holly ya she is a lil small but if the date of her hatching was wrong, as I suspect it to have been, she will be younger then they said and I love them too without tails lol they seem to have more character :P
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    My Crestie Ember and a ?? or two...

    These are pics of Ember.. I purchased her at the Portland Reptile Expo last August 29th and I was wondering if anyone thinks she is small for her age or too thin?? She eats fresh crested gecko diet every day and occasional insects..When I purchased her they apparently knew nothing about her and...
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    hermaphrodite? or however u spell it...humans can be born that way..can a gecko?
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    The Other Porland Show (in Maine)

    I went to the show and neil I am sry i missed you :/ I saw a wonderful assortment this year compared to last sorry Aliza that your sales weren't greaat..I picked up my first Crestie at the show ..a lil buckskin and it's adorable tho has no tail but that doesn't matter to was...
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    Update on my Fatties :)

    Gorgeous Fatties! I love Amels and Stripes! Nice looking leo too!
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    And Clutchmate to MSBA is MS het Bell!!!!! sry for crappy pic get better ones soon!
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    Hatched 8/2/2010 My very First Hatchling! My Mack Snow Bell Male and my Mack Snow Het Bell produced this beautiful lil Mack Snow Bell hatchling! Was born yesterday around noon and has no deformities at all nor was there a yolk sac attached! %100 healthy and gorgeous! Sry for poor quality pics...
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    sorry guys..

    WoW Ariana that's a lot to deal with. I cannot imagine how jumbled your mind must be right now..My thoughts are with you and your family..HUGGS
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    Mom to a Teen!

    I know just what you mean Kristi! Seems like my daughter just turned 13 and is now 17 1/2! My son however is 13 and omg has a gf! I cannotpicture it *sigh* soon there will be an empty nest and not sureI'm mentally prepared for that lol
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    White plans :) !!!!!!

    Well I would love to go to NH for the show but idk if I can make it :/ Looking to pick up some cresties and maybe a fat tail ro two at the Portland Maine Reptile expo this year if there are any..If by chance I am able to make it to NH it will be my first time :)
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    Happy Birthday, sk8ergrl927!

    ok so mama wasn't around on ur B-day :( I sorry Happy Birthday Sam hun I hope you had a wonderfulday! :D