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    New baby in our family :)

    Aw, that face is too cute! :)
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    Pacman growth?

    What age will a Pacman frog be done growing? I know they grow pretty fast but I was wondering when they'd stop haha.
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    Animal Planet

    I just hate the fact that they only show 'dangerous' animal shows anymore.
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    Shepardsville Kentucky Show

    I'm going to the next show and I'm sort of wondering the same thing
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    Should geckos with deformities be culled?

    I would only put down an animal if it cannot live on its own or without some degree of help. I've had plenty of ill animals and putting one down is my last option.
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    Im thinking of getting a frog or toad.

    If you want a bigger frog you could get a chubby. I have one in a 10 gallon tank. They don't require much. Just a bunch of dirt, food, water, and a hide or two. The only downside is that they're not very exciting.