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    Photo Contest: Gecko Mouths Agape!

    Its a gargoyle gecko.
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    Photo Contest: Gecko Mouths Agape!

    I have no idea how the voting in these things work. I still don't know who won the last one, and how they know who won. These contests are so unorganized. lol.
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    New crested gecko! :]

    I picked her up at a local petstore today. She is a rescue, but I'm not sure why. The guy said she was probably about 2 years old, and that she does not eat CGD, but thats okay, I have plenty of worms around. Anyway, here she is! An olive harlequin I believe!!
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    Photo Contest: Gecko Mouths Agape!

    Here's mine!! This is Pim, my little crested girl.
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    Eric :]

    This is Eric. I got him from an old friend who had no interest in him. She said she hadn't held him in a few years, so that he was probably not very tame. The second I got him home I took him out and he is the calmest, most curious little guy ever. Right now he is sitting with me on my bed. He...
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    Heating Plastic Breeding Rack?

    I want to use one of thoes huge plastic drawer systems to house some of my leos. I have seen people do it, but am unsure of how to heat the tubs without melting them. I was thingking just stick a heat pad on the bottom, but I dont know if the plastic is strong enough. I would use something...
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    Morph Question??

    I have two baby cresties, and I would love to know what morph they are. I can identify Leo morphs, but cresties are so foreign to me. Could you help me out?? Thanks!! Here's Ollie Ollie and Pim
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    Announcing the Gecko Feast Photo Contest!

    I totally agree. And I never plan on breeding her. But she is my baby and she gives me this little cute face like "im soooooo hungry mommy" and just sometimes I have to give in... :)
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    Announcing the Gecko Feast Photo Contest!

    Like I wrote. Its a treat. She gets about one a year. Usually around her birthday. She is 7 or 8 years old and has never had any health problems. I really dont think its anything to get worried about, but thank you for your suggestion.
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    Friends with Benefits

    My room mate/bestie friend is a photographer, so she took some pictures for me. I thought you might like to see these...
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    Announcing the Gecko Feast Photo Contest!

    Here is Sherbet, eating her favorite treat!!
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    My babies!!

    These are all my little friends. I love them so much. I can't wait until I move out of my apartment and can have my own room for them!!! My wishlist goes on and Sherbet (tremper albino) Gerber (patternless albino) Stumpy (patternless) And Pim and Ollie, my cresties!