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    What morph is he?

    It's not a super great picture cos you can't get a look at the eyes or nose but it looks to be a reasonable weight so probably healthy could be a harlequin? Partial pinstripe. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
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    Crocodile Skinks Are Beautiful

    No you do not. One of my favourite species. They are little dinosaurs. Would love to own some of these guys but unfortunately they are not too common in my area. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
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    Bio-Active worth it?

    Beardies can be a little messy and excitable so if the plants or whatever else aren't well established you may find them ripped up or torn down. I have not personally seen many bioactive bearded dragon enclosures so if you get one set up, I'm sure we would all love to see pictures ! Sent from...
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    New Gecko Hasn't Started Eating Yet

    I wouldn't be concerned within the first week if it's not eating. The setups large breeders use are quite a bit different oftentimes than the vision cages we use so that can take some adjustment. Not pooping is hard to say unless you're keeping them on paper towel. It does occasionally end up...
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    Bio-active Leopard Gecko Vivarium.

    You definitely can develop bioactive crested gecko enclosures. There's a lot of great resources online for gecko safe plants and developing bioactive substrate. Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
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    Bioactive Leopard Gecko Experiements

    Gorgeous enclosures. In plotting out my crestie's bioactive viv, I've been thinking my leo might like one too and you've compiled a lot of great resources here. Also a big nerd hurray for beetle mating! I have been breeding my leo's feeders and that was exciting but these guys doing well in...
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    Empty tanks. Reptile suggestions.

    Any recommendations for beginner or intermediate reptiles that do well in a planted vivarium? I'd like to spruce up an empty 18x18x24. It's got a mist king nozzle on it as is so something that requires some middle to high humidity might be nice. I'm a Canadian so roaches as feeders aren't a...