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    Crested Gecko Humidity?

    Hey, everyone back again. So I will jump right to it, I finally got my bioactive terrarium up and running yesterday and my Crestie absolutely loves it, now I know they like relatively high humidity but my terrarium is staying at a constant 71-74F and 89-100% humidity. I'm just worried about it...
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    Building a Vivarium

    As the title suggest, I am slowly gathering all the supplies needed for a bioactive vivarium. Obviously most if not all live plants need "grow lights", but I've noticed they can be awfully bright compared to a UVB light. My question is would/do the grow lights negatively effect the reptiles. The...
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    Hornworm question

    A quick question which I'm concerned with is if I put a hornworm in for my geckos to hunt and eat, will the hornworm eat the fake plants? My concern is if it eats the fake plastic plants that when the gecko eats it, it will be ingesting the plastic plant inside the hornworm. Of course that's...
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    New here, from ohio

    Thank you
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    Any Suggestions for live bio active terrarium

    I've been doing research on the live active terrariums for all the reptiles and have come to a stand still from lack of info on the Halmahera gecko. If anyone has some knowledge on what live plants are safe for them, it would be greatly appreciated. Also any additional information that isn't...
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    New here, from ohio

    Thank you, the one girl holding the albino snake is a friends kid. It was the only one of the Albino I have. But the albino king did help her get over her fear of snakes.
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    My New Gehyra Marginata (Up for suggestions on his name)

    Yes I am asking the community for suggestions on his name, we first thought Mahina which is Hawaiian for moon, but further research showed it as a female name so that is a no go.
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    New here, from ohio

    Hello everyone, I'm Maximumsubzero this is my first time on a reptile/gecko forum. These are my lovely reptiles.