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    Vitamins suggestions

    Hello, I currently am dusting mealworms with the brand REPTIcalcium WITH d3, should I get a multivitamin? If so should I do the same brand? Or use a different one? Also is it normal for my little Leo to eat 6 meal worms and appear to still be hungry?
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    Hello! New Gecko Owner: Advice needed

    Thanks for the response, ic e Thanks for the response... I think I’m over thinking things, like now my humidity is reading 60%... it’s a glass tank with a mesh lid. Also concerned since I don’t use the under body heater. It’s 90 during the day and drops to 72-75 at night according to my...
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    Hello, Any suggestions on how to lower humidity inside Leopard enclosure? Right now it's reading 60%.... I have an aquatic 20g tank, with a basking light, WARM side 90 degrees, COOL side 75 degrees (f) No underheater, to afraid of fires in my apartment. Any suggestions will be greatly...
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    Hello! New Gecko Owner: Advice needed

    Here is SPYRO :cool:
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    Hello! New Gecko Owner: Advice needed

    Thanks for clicking on this thread! So I got my new friend Spyro :) (loved the video game growing up) from a local petco this past Monday. He/She (they couldn't tell at the store) is very skinny, however has been eating and gone to the bathroom. Currently Spyro is in my bedroom of my one...