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Born in Alaska, raised in NY, and back to Alaska. MsTwo (Marcy) is married to her business partner and love of her life. The three children are also extremely helpful in the family business, as well as Marcy's parents. They are also small scale breeders of leopard geckos (and other reptiles eventually) and are delighted to have some high quality reptiles to offer not only to Alaskans but to others in the gecko community (Ravensong Reptiles). Marcy is also one of the five ladies that created the website. Marcy in general loves helping people with reptiles, insect issues and of course with chow. Please check out our website and we are proud to be sponsors of!

Reptiles, Insect nutrition, education, art and wonderful food.
April 12
Juneau, AK
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Marcy Sowers
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Reptile attendant and nanny, insect chow creator,