I have been in the reptile hobby for about 5 years. I have a handsome nearly 8 year old leopard gecko named George and his grandson. George lives in a 29 gallon and my baby will me moving into a 10 gallon tomorrow. Long story short, I used to breed leopard geckos and I sold George's daughter (Honey) to this gal 2 years ago. Now 2 years later with out any contact in between, and without my knowledge or consent, she shipped me Honeys "daughter" Georges "granddaughter". It didn't end up being a girl, but a boy. I quit breeding geckos almost two years ago BTW. Now spending hundreds on a baby gecko that I wasn't expecting.. Gerrrrr... Some people...

For leopard geckos: I'm against anything but live food, multi vitamin and calcium with d3 always free choice and occasionally dusted on feeder insects, a minimum of 3 hides one being heated by a heat mat and one moist hide, any loose substrate, and housing multiple geckos together no matter the sex.
USA, Minnesota
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Hannah Petersen


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When in doubt, ask a gecko. Just don't expect them to reply.
No gecko, then ask a crab.
No crab, then ask a betta.
No betta, then ask a cory.
No cory, then get a life.




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