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    Brand New SUPER Pair of Fatties!

    Dont you hate when the flash washes out the color? Gorgeous healthy looking animals. All the luck to ya!
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    Box of Geckos! :)

    =D that tremper looks almost identical to our old dog, Tank.
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    My first pair of fatties <3

    Er that 3rd link was suppose to be a photo not just a link. Oh well you can click it to view since I cant edit my first post for some reason XD
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    My first pair of fatties <3

    Welp I got my first pair of fat tail geckos in today. I LOOOOVE them they are so adorable, I cant wait to breed these guys next year.
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    Have snakes? Say goodbye to your kids...

    I wish the first video would of focused more on what the problem was, vs the second reporter who had his act together. It wasn't as much the snakes that got the kids taken away, but the condition the house was kept in. They clearly had other pets in the house to have poo like that laying around...
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    2 Leopard Geckos in Tampa FL. area, please adopt!

    I would take them in if I could but I live in Tennessee. Mean while I can suggest some things you can do to help them out till you find a home for them. First of all get them separated. Leopard geckos don't do that well together. They could be causing injury to each other's eyes, which could...
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    Super Snow ph Raptor

    Also, Super Snow Tremper Albino ph Raptor, Male. $150 + shipping. Or take both males for $300 shipped (free shipping).
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    Super Snow ph Raptor

    09 Male Super Snow ph Raptor Leopard Gecko - $150 + $35 Shipping.
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    the "Show Off Your Art" thread...

    I have a deviantart page too. =D Linku!
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    Updated NeoReptiliac with a new feature.

    A friend told me about yahoo's new tool called a Ping Box. Its pretty neat, it acts like a chat box. The only draw back is that other visitors cant see each other's posts. Only the visitor and I can communicate when I'm signed into my yahoo account. But either way its still something neat in my...
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    Normal I think?

    Unfortunately I don't live near there. I'm in Tennessee. n.n;
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    Normal I think?

    No... no dear it doesn't... lol but Its ok. My mind hasn't melted just yet XD That's a good idea too. I just cant seem to think of one around here. ***** has some off and on but they don't know the gender of them and they are babies.
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    What's better? Vermiculite or Perlite

    I would be concerned with using Perlite in my nest boxes. It has a bit of a rough texture to it in my opinion. I would be afraid of an egg getting tore while the gecko mommy tried to roll it around. I was curious what other people thought about the different options. Ive personally always used...
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    Normal I think?

    Yeah thats a good suggestion. I will have to wait till I get a male and female that I know are male and female however. I don't know anyone locally that has ball pythons T.T Till then I will stop trying to feel up my snake lol I'm sure it feels violated enough XD
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    Normal I think?

    I seriously don't think its a mojave. lol I love mojaves, I would recognize one, even a poor quality one. The pastels get me some time, I have a hard time telling them from normals lots of times. But I still think this is a normal. I felt a little while ago near the vent. What am I feeling for...