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    Selling Most of collection!!

    Will do a bulk deal but here is what I have. Tons of suntan crosses (tangerines het tremper) from 20 to 70 mac snow high white pos het bell-40 hypo-25 bells-25 raptors, snow raptors, raptor rs, all pos giants.-50 to 150 baby to breeder size females raptor het blizzard, raptor snow het...
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    Best monitor

    I think that it is pretty obvious they need a big enclosure lol also if you can care for other reptiles I'm sure you can research and care for a moniter with little difficulty. That being said hopefully someone with experience answers your post. I have looked into them but never took the...
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    young males

    I have two nice geckos for sale. Tremper Albino het raptor- one parent was a giant so he could be but I can't tell yet.=70 dollars+shipping Mac Snow- nice gecko should be big his dad is an exceptionally big non giant.=50 dollars+shipping Email me at [email protected] for any questions...