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    National Breeder's Expo Daytona 21.08.2009

    I will not export any gecko from the USA. Anyway I have heard such good things about the NBE I would like to see this show and/or meet US breeders there.
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    National Breeder's Expo Daytona 21.08.2009

    We have planned some holidays in Florida next august and seen we'll be near Daytona the 21th august 2009 during the NBE. It could be a great oportunity to meet american geckos bredders and to speak about our experience with rare geckos like Naultinus, Woodworthia, Aussie geckos (Strophurus...
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    my rep room

    actually I'm working with : Pareodura masobe ; Hoplodactylus maculatus ; Naultinus grayii, e.elegans ; Chondrodactylus a.angulifer ; Nephrurus amyae, l. levis, l. occidentalis, l.pilbarensis, w.cinctus, deleani ; Underwoodisaurus milii ; Strophurus intermedius, williamsi, c.ciliaris...
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    my rep room

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    Hemitheconyx taylori in group

    some pictures of my group : 3.6 you can see 2 quite different types of coloration
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    Hemitheconyx taylori

    something new for AFT lovers ...