Introduced to the herp community back in August of 2014. Reptile owner and enthusiast, lover of animals and plants.

Passionate about proper reptile husbandry, has a preference for safety versus aesthetic/natural conditions. (I.E I do not use sand or loose substrate for my animals unless they are safe or required. I avoid using live plants, cleaner crews, etc. due to a fear of mites, midges and other pests that may introduce themselves to my setups. I do NOT co-habitate animals and limit animal interaction to little to none at all.)

I am interested in leopard gecko genetics but have a difficult time comprehending them (there are too many names for similar or the same morphs, too many morphs with mile long names, etc. I also am easily confused by overly science-y terms/anything involving numbers).

I presently have two leopard geckos, however I would love to expand some day:

Zenya ♀ - D.O.H: 06/03/14 - Hot Rock Geckos (WA)
Date Acquired: 09/03/14 (FedEx)
( Sire: Unknown Dam: Unknown )
( Tangerine het. Eclipse + Tremper, poss. Blizzard )
( Pet Only )

Enoki ♀ - D.O.H: 07/31/16 - Lizard Beans (OR)
Date Acquired: 08/18/17 (In-Person)
( Sire: Boreas (Mack Snow, Hot Rock Geckos) Dam: Chenu (Super Snow, Geckos Etc.) )
( Super Snow, no hets )

Mycology, Herpetology, Entomology, Art (drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.)
June 17
United States
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O. Olson
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