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    CBB Male Flying Geckos

    We have 3 lovely adult flying gecko males for sale $60 each + shipping costs. We ship with SYR. [URL=][/URL
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    Amel AFT's

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    Hour Old Hatchlings!

    Adorable newly hatched amel aft's :)
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    Amel AFT's

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    Amel AFT's

    Now for sale Amel AFT babies!!!! $125 each + shipping, also 1 nice tangerine amel AFT for $175 + shipping. PM with any questions. More pics here:
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    Gekko Smithii

    Looking for any available G. Smithii, PST.
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    Heteronotia Binoei

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    Mack Snows and Eclipses

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    Mack Snows and Eclipses

    All geckos were incubated for female at 82° and eating heartily on superworms and crickets! :) Weights and hatch dates are available and can be provided on request. Pickup available at the Phoenix Reptile Expo! Save on shipping and meet the breeder! :D Shipping will be quoted. Get...
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    Tribolonotus Gracilis

    Have you had any eggs laid yet?
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    Heteronotia Binoei

    Once more.
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    Heteronotia Binoei

    A bump
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    Heteronotia Binoei

    We have .2 Heteronotia Binoei for sale. They are 5 months old and feeding well on small crickets & roaches. Heteronotia binoei .2 $200 shipped each, or $350 shipped for both. If your area has bad weather, I will hold onto your geckos as long as I need to to ensure their safe arrival when...
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    Crocodile Skink Babies

    Gratz on your baby tribs :)
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    New Boa, a few questions

    Male sand boas are much smaller than females. If your boas is over a foot, it is most likely female.