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    axolotl high white golden albino female available

    Hi I'm panda girl I just got my leopard gecko about to days ago and it not wanting to eat and I'm worried
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    New YouTube Channel

    cool cool
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    Normal or high yellow?

    It's not my leopard gecko I just found a picture on Google
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    Normal or high yellow?

    Ya I agree to!!
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    Normal or high yellow?

    pretty gecko
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    ok thank you:):););):););););)
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    Comment by 'pandagirl' in media 'Chomper's First Handling (With Us)'

    awwww so cute!!:eek::eek::eek::eek:
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    hi, I am new to the forum, and about to get a leopard gecko, any advice before a leopard gecko with housing, and heating. thanks