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    Leopard gecko food recommendations??

    Large Calci worms are what you want. They arte pretty small
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    I accidentally ordered small locusts (v small!) will my geckos eat them still?

    If they are too small, your geckos will not be interested. I would recommend growing them yourselves by feeding them
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    Crooked back toe???

    He might have hurt himself, but honestly if they are walking fine and eating fine. I think it's okay. You have to remember some geckos lose these toes when they shed improperly on their feet / toes. So it might not be painful
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    New Caledonian Gecko

    Its the same as Fauna and everywhere else. Its a dice roll. Always verify every post to make sure its legit and the seller is legit. Only buy from verified and good reviews sellers
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    A couple problems...

    Another thing is around this time of year. some leopard geckos will start to slow down on eating.
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    My first Leopard Geckos...

    Leopard Geckos are reptiles not amphibians haha. One thing is I do not see a thermometer with probe. You want to know the ground temps. Reptile Carpet is generally considered one of the worst substrates because it can cling to the geckos feet / toes. Final thing I would add, is that I would...
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    Baby geckos morphs?

    1. murphys patternless ? 2. idk 3. normal
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    HELP stuck shed on tail?

    Separate them. Have him in his own enclosure. Looks like a small couple month old gecko. Have him on paper tower. Bare minimum. He could be failing to thrive in competition with the other gecko out competing him. That is my thoughts based on my understanding of Crested Geckos, and what I read...
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    Gecko Feeding Advice!!!

    Yeah some of my leos are starting to eat less and less enthusiastically
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    Gecko Feeding Advice!!!

    I am not sure what supplement you are using but the spray ones are not good. Make sure that the calcium he has access to in his set up is Calcium - Phosphorous Free, and Without D3. What you dust his feeders with should be : Cal with D3 and a Reptile Multivitamin with out D3. I use Calcium...
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    Leo hasn’t eaten or pooped in 3 days. Worried?!

    I would try to bump it up 31 - 32. However he looks fine. Healthy gecko. Sometimes geckos go off food, especially during cooler weather. As long as they have enough fat stores they will be okay.
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    Halloween Special!!!

    This post is from 2015...
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    Herbert the Leopard Gecko

    Very gorgeous ! Congrats
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    Leo hasn’t eaten or pooped in 3 days. Worried?!

    You should not be feeding wax worms every meal. Wax worms should be fed at most, Two times a month I feel... Some pics of him would be nice. Can you share some pics of the gecko? What supplements are you using? What is your supplement schedule? What is his temps?
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    List All Your Animals Here!

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