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    U.S. set to approve python ban

    Billion dollar industry with little over 25,000 true supporters who were willing to take 2 minutes out of their days to point and click their opinion...many in this hobby should be ashamed of themselves!
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    My very first Ball Python!!!

    ‎100% het VPI Axanthic The person Im getting him from says its up to me as this BP is a great feeder on f/t and live, which I have come to learn BPs are picky eaters so Im happy he is a good eater. Ted you are telling me the exact thing that others is actually less painful to...
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    My very first Ball Python!!!

    So today I put money down on my first BP!!! I really love these snakes but don't do well with feeding cute fuzzy animals, so this was a BIG decision of mine to try this! Its a larger BP so it eats a small rat weekly...Im figuring if I can't do it my friend can come over and help me get over...
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    How can GF be improved?

    Sorry Im slacking on my GF postings....that being said most of the info given I agree with, the name calling has got to stop by ALL members NO exceptions. I also agree with NOT liking the "LIKE" feature or point system for the reasons recently stated above. I would also like it if the feature...
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    Soon to be new owner!!!

    Yea the smaller one that Im questioning is 13g. The breeder and I spent a while looking at the two...REALLY good learning experience for me!! Im ready with another set up if needed, as he made no quarenties, but I feel in love with both these guys so if they turn out to be male/female or...
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    Soon to be new owner!!!

    Ok so I did find some information about the isopods and springtails on a FB forum. Thanks for the great info darkridder! I am going to be getting set up with simple plants from a person who grows plants specifically for live vivs. She is going to put together a bundle with some plants that are...
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    Soon to be new owner!!!

    So many of you know me from the Leopard Gek forum as I breed and keep Leo's but Ive finally decided to get a couple of crested!!! So I have a few questions on tank maintence. I have a Medium Tall Exo-Terra that I plan on doing a bottom layer of hydroballs then a layer of Eco Earth Loose...
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    Produced by Matt at SaSobek's World of Reptiles! My breeding project plans have changed and I decided not to pair this guy up due to space! 25-30g Male Eating like a PIG on dubia, mealies, supers!!! $125 + shipping....YES ONLY $125!!!! Click link below FB Available Page...
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    What is the term for...

    Are you thinking Prehensile tail??? Your description isn't the definition of prehensile tail but thats all I could think of.
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    Customer Service

    Completely agree with Wild West. If your buisness is to sell a product and something in our life happens that you are going to be occupied with then as a responsible buisness owner you should atleast post a notice to the site that you will be out of touch for so and such time please be...
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    Thanks for the kind words...took a break from the forum for the weekend, I couldn't take it anymore...too sad! I think myself a patient person as I teach ppl for a living as a nurse, but that post/picture went past teaching to disgusting torture. I also understand the psychology behind someone...
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    Im with Semus I do not believe there needs to be regulation here...Laney hit it on the head. NO PARENTAL involvement so the child decides to figure things out on there own in anyway possible. I have been keeping animals since I was 4 years old my first being a hamster. I was made to clean its...
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    I too hope the mods will ban this user, as she isn't using the forum for the purpose of learning and advice but more a sick way to play into their need for attention...which comes from abusing animals! My heart is hurting..Ive cried so much tonight, and have a nasty lump in my stomach. Like...
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    Today i think I found the lowest of the low. I spent the majority of the day crying over that picture of the gecko with no skin in a child's care, who seems fairly indifferent to its suffering. And another who no matter what anyone says or trys to help refuses to get his animal to a vet even...
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    NARBC Tinley Park, IL

    I'll be there bright and early saturday as well!! Looking forward to a day full of herps!!! And picking up my new AP rack!! :) :)