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    Pomona/San Diego show

    Upcoming Events/Shows - This is where you may have more luck and where the post will likely be moved to soon. I know when I am looking for info on shows, that's usually the place I look first. Just thought I'd help :)
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    Animal Planet

    meerkat manor, how I love it.
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    I think your captain is going crazy

    Sounds like someone needs to hire a Gecko Room Care Taker. Just sayin :p
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    when gecko buying goes wrong...

    Oh man this is simple! Take the business else where. We've bought 2 canines and 2 felines via the net so far, as well as fish. It took me probably 2 months for each purchase before I found a person who I WANTED to buy from and who I got along with. It's just insane how many people out there are...
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    i prefer it when forums have post count disabled. Then you don't have people trying to measure their postpeens to everyone else's postpeens.
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    I second that!
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    Or maybe, I concur!
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    what is your favorite firefox add-on?

    noscript and adblock
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    :main_thumbsup: there. I didn't +1 :wall:
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    plus juan!
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    New Camera?

    If you don't mind buying a discontinued camera, check out ebay for Cameta Cameras. They are a Brick and Mortar store in New York or thereabouts but also have a huge online store via ebay. They've over 400k+ positive feedback with a 99.6% positive feedback percentage. Given that size of volume...
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    New Camera?

    I have a nikon d40x. Only have one lens currently, which is a 18-55mm vr/af-s lens. Not a lot of fancy stuff to do with that particular lens, but I took some amazing aquatic shots of my fish I had previously. I can't wait to use it when we get our herps in the next few weeks :)
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    Repticon in Pensacola - April 10-11th

    Current listing of exhibitors. The list doesn't seem that impressive, but everyone seems to tell me the spring show isn't nearly as big as the summer show, so maybe that is why. Is there anyone on the list above who deals in leopards geckos that anyone knows of, and trusts dealing...
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    Repticon in Pensacola - April 10-11th

    Is there anyone in the NW FL panhandle area who has gone before / is going this year to this event? What vendors are generally on hand? Do you know what vendors will be there this April? I've emailed the repticon team for some more info but have not found any. I'm debating on ordering my...
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    When it's not your fault, but by law it is

    If she was behind you, how would you have seen the brake lights, or did I completely miss something about how she hit you? All you said was she hit the back. I was run in to by a total moron once. I was parked at a red light on a rainy day at a crowded intersection. I saw him coming up...