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    Wisteria Vines

    I'm currently working on a 30 gallon hex aquarium conversion for my Gargoyle Gecko, and I've come across a wealth of beautiful, twisted wisteria vines growing in the woods behind my workplace. Beautiful pieces. I didn't quite know what they were when I cut them (other than to know they were...
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    Glass Chandelier to Vivarium Conversion.

    Hello all. I wanted to share a new project I'm starting on and was looking to pick the collective brain here for thoughts, ideas, suggestions, and concerns. So, it starts with this. A large, 1980's glass and brass chandelier! Got it for $25 at Goodwill. I want to turn this into a steampunk...
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    Free Skunk Gecko in Atlanta, GA.

    Did not realise this forum blocked the names of certain pet stores. +++++ = P E T C O
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    Free Skunk Gecko in Atlanta, GA.

    I was just at +++++ in Sandy Springs (North Atlanta). They have a Skunk Gecko that has been there for a few months and not sold. It is now up for adoption for FREE. I can't take him, but I would love to see him go to someone on a Gecko Forum that actually knows what they are doing, rather than...
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    A new viv for my Mediterranean House Gecko.

    So, I've just upgraded the viv for Hendricks, my H. Turcicus. I found him backstage in the theatre I worked at back in late September 2013. For the past 6-7 months I've had him living in a 1.25 gallon tank. Small, yes, but so was he. Now he's grown a bit, an upgrade has been overdue. Here...