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    What is this on my female leopard geckos stomach?

    thats where the umbilics cord was attached. Ive had numerous geckos have that exact same pattern.
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    Super Giant and Giant Gecko

    Giants and Super Giants are a linebred trait. I have had long discussions for a very prominent that still breeds "Giants and Super Giants". In reality since the locales and sub species are so abundant you could honestly make a fresh line of so called Giants in roughly 5 years.
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    What morph is this?

    a nice linebred banana blizzard
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    Morph ID Help pls :)

    That is a tremper albino and a SHTCT. If you choose to breed them go for it. Just be ware that all babies if sold will have to be sold as pets and not to the designer market. unknown genetics make it a harder sell really. but by all means if you wish to breed them and make gecko babies have...
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    MORPH? Which one is my leo?

    Looks like a very nice aberrant Mack Snow. 100% not HM blood lines.
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    Educated guess on what kind my gecko is?

    Tremper albino. You can tell the variations of albinism by looking at the eyes. its a refined art that apparently has died out in the past i see.
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    That is a really really low quality bold/red stripe combo.....not crazy fancy.
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    Single and Double Co-Doms

    Willing to let the entire group go at 5k
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    Single and Double Co-Doms

    Pewter Female 445g $550 Enchi Male 891g $350 Lesser Bee Male 541g $750 Cinnamon Female 875g $500 Cinnamon Dinker Male 320g $600 Pastel Female 774g $350 Calico Female 233g $700 Blonde Pastel Female 262g $250 Super Pastel Male (Mouser) 241g $400 Red Axanthic Male 500g $450 Pastel...
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    1.1 Line Bred Snows

    Bump make reasonable offers
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    Entire Collection up for grabs

    Bump. Make us reasonable offers
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    1.1 Line Bred Snows

    Looking to sell 1.1 pair of Albeys Line Bred Snows. Looking for 950 Shipped for the pair.
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    Entire Collection up for grabs

    Bump. We have sold quite a bit. Please keep those e-mails coming and we will respond as soon as possible. First to pay gets the gecko. Shipping to Dec Hamm as well.
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    AFT Snow

    LMAO. I find this thread hilarious. Only 1 person actually knew what I was talking about when I referenced the term snow. A snow in another species is an Albino x Axanthic/Anery. So the only Snows that can be created in the AFT world would be a Carmel Snow. Which has already been produced.