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    First time off the leash

    very cute pics, but just a heads up..if you are gonna let them swim, i would take the harnesses off. i had a friend lose a dog to drowning because his collar got caught on a tree that was submerged in the water.
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    Wolfdog Hybrids

    i had a 98% wolf a few years ago. although he was raised by me as a pup, and was very tame and handleable, they are not dogs! his personallity and demeanor were totally different than a "normal" dog. he was around kids when i was there and did very well with them, but he was only tollerating...
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    A New Adventure

    laney, i am happy that you are doing everything you can to get your new beardies on is obvious that you are one really dedicated herp lover, this makes me happy! i think they will both pull through, if for nothing else, your effort and dedication to them! they are both beautiful...
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    What would this pair be worth?

    not really sure, but i like em! i love the leatherbacks!!!
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    New beardie questions

    triple L giving bad advise...go figure,lol.
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    infertile eggs??

    just read the strawberry eggs post, so do all female beardeds lay infertile clutches when they dont have a mate??? just seems weird to me as i would think this would deplete their calcium levels for no reason...i mean, why lay eggs if they are not fertile? just wondering. i have had a couple...
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    Possibility of a Blind Snake

    another response to an ancient post...duh!
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    Possibility of a Blind Snake

    you can also put triple antibiotic ointment on it and leave it for an hour or so. this will let the animal chill and the eyecaps soften up without prodding. not that anything seamus said was wrong...but i have used this method on a friends ball that had like five layers of eyecaps. i used really...
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    Corns in need of home, help me pick out a few winners

    those are both anery motleys. no such thing as a blue motley...unless it is someones personal line of anery??? and i would say the "candy cane" amel is just a normal amel, unless it is in shed in that pic, some people would probably call that a candy cane, i personally would not.
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    are Kenyan Sand Boas handlable?

    i know this is an older post, but hopefully this may help someone out in the future...
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    are Kenyan Sand Boas handlable?

    you can handle almost any snake, with a little consistency and gentle handlling, most any type of snake will let you handle it. a healthy snake will bite you for one of two reasons, 1. they mistake you for food, easy fix...dont smell like a rodent and dont surprise the snake, let it know you are...
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    my razors edge puppy

    a few more i am really happy with how he is turning out so far, never spent three grand on a dog before, but he was worth every penny...i would do it again in a second! my wife wants a female for him, but i dont think i want to breed them, there are already too many in the pound, but i guess if...
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    my razors edge puppy

    here is my year old razors edge american bully. his dad is mrpitbull.coms blue remy. he is a pretty sweet dog. he is still putting on bone growth, should start to add some muscle in the next few months. enjoy
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    WooHoo! Eggs!

    nice congrats!!!!!!! i hope you do get your pied!!
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    New pictures of my snakes!

    waaa! you posted on a forum that is older than yesterday!!! you should be ashamed!!!! just kidding, lmao! very beautiful snakes though! nice