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    New Addition!

    cool looking mainland, and i love the decor you have in the tank!
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    last of my birthday gifts! another chahoua!

    nice pattern on this one, what breeder did you purchase this one from?
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    more chahoua pics

    LOVE the colors on your male. I'm usually partial to pastels and high contrasting shades, but he's something else!
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    Very cute little chewie there!
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    sounds like a good humidity cycle! more noticeably than your gecko getting sick, shedding can be difficult for a crested in too dry an environment. also, mine drink exclusively from the water that collects in the cage after I mist. you can always add a humid hide which aids in shedding. every...
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    Probably Unfertile Eggs, Still Exciting!

    nice trio! based on the coloring of the eggs I'd also guess they may be bad, but you never know! i've had some pretty weird eggs hatch out nice, healthy hatchlings. i never toss eggs until i'm completely sure they're bad. i do separate bad looking eggs from the rest, but i hang on to them...
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    eggs incubating at 70 degrees - how long until they hatch?

    I usually have crested eggs hatch around 90 days if they've been incubating around 75-77. Expect closer to 120 days at 70 degrees, if I'm remembering correctly.