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    Happy Birthday Sally Salamander!

    Thanks everybody - 49 sucks! LOL
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    Temp coloring in Fatties?

    So - no one knows the answer? I find this hard to believe...
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    Temp coloring in Fatties?

    OK - so what's the difference between the ones who stay purple and the ones who go white?
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    Temp coloring in Fatties?

    OK, I'm bumping this. IF it's some sort of a trade secret - just let me know. I'll change into something ... more... comfortable...
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    Temp coloring in Fatties?

    I hope doesn't turn out to be some sort of "trade" secret. Oh man, I remember those days asking this question on Tremper's back when Kingsnake actually had a good leo forum... Give it up to Sally... Is it the ole "turn up the heat to 90 the last month of incubation?"
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    Temp coloring in Fatties?

    OK - I am new to Fat Tails and have some nice tang amel hets I'm growing out. I notice a lot of difference in Amels. Are the white bands produced the same way Ron Tremper makes white TA's - by turning up the incubation heat? Thanks for pointing me in the right direction...
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    mushroom patty

    Really nice looking geckos! I really like the color of that patty - so many fun things are happening with AFT's - they are just a little spendy right now...
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    What do u think about this ones

    I'm curious as to everybody's experience on "hets" - does color/pattern in hets make a difference?
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    What do u think about this ones

    OK - here's my opinion. I think I would pick the lightest het I could find. I dunno - call it a hunch. Hets are probably the most fun thing to have during hatching time. I'll never forget my very first leo eggs from a normal and a LEUCISTIC popped out - man, that was a surprise and so...
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    One of our Aberrant White Out Fat Tails

    They are a really clean and striking looking gecko. I love it...
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    The latest issue of Reptiles Magazine has a great feature on all the morphs, written by JMG - very nice photos in it as well.
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    *PICS* albino variations and words of advice

    Jonathan - I'm extremely new to the AFT game (2 Amel hets recently purchased) - so how do you produce the amels with the white banding? It's not like Trempers, with heat, correct? Is it just a matter of line breeding? Thanks...
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    old school blizzards

    I had a nasty male blizzard once - little bugger would actually leap at me to bite.
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    Giants, anyone?

    Sorry - I just realized this is probably the wrong forum, unless someone slaps up a giant on here...
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    Giants, anyone?

    Sally is on the verge of picking up a Leopard gecko - Giant version. Anything cool going on among the land of the Giants that I should be aware of?