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    wanted albino ball python

    I'm looking for someone local to trade with. I live in york pa. I have some geckos I will trade for an albino ball male or female either one is fine. I have one sunglow female, one set of aptor het raptor breeding pair,one aptor female, a fattail male who is possible het patternless. I've kept...
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    aptor het raptor breeding pair

    I also have a killer sunglow female I'm asking 150 on her she's beautiful
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    aptor het raptor breeding pair

    I have one male aptor het raptor and one aptor het raptor female. They are a breeding pair and I'm looking to sell them both. I'm asking 75 each pick up only I can not ship geckos yet. I live in york pa email me at [email protected] or pm me email is faster though.
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    female tang het temper albino

    I have a young tang het temper female who needs a home she's a great eater loves her mealies! If intrested email me at [email protected] can send pics if u want. Pick up only I live in york pa
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    female raptor

    I have a very pretty female raptor for sale. I would like to get 70 for her. She has two snake eyes and is really orange email me at [email protected] and I can send pics. Pick up only I live in york pa willing to met somewhere if need be just let me know.
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    male sunglow

    I have a very nice male sunglow I need to find a home for please email me at [email protected] if intrested I am asking 70 for him and he is pick up only I live in pa york area and can possibably met if nesscary. I can send pics also through email.
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    sunglow male

    I have a sunglow male I would like to sell for 70 pick up only I live in york pa 17347 if intrested please contact me I also have other geckos for sale such as an aptor het raptor female I would like 70 for if u pick up both I will do 120.
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    male normal bearded drangon

    I have a 2 year old male beardie I need to find a home for so email me at [email protected] if intrested I wanted 60 for him pick up only but will take less if nesscary
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    aptor het raptor female

    She is very pretty and healthy email me at [email protected] for pics and all. No shipping avaiable so pick up only or we can met somwhere I live in PA,york area so let me know if ur intrested I would like to get 70 for her.
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    looking for sunglows at reasonable prices

    i am looking to get a sunglow female or male either will work im just looking currently if im intrested ill let u know asap. i just want to get a good foot hold into sunglows so message me with what u have and if im intrested ill let u know asap thanks for ur time!!!
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    my fattail geckos

    I will ima get another 66pos het patty and hope I hit the odds lol
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    my fattail geckos

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    my fattail geckos

    let me know what u all think of my pumkin and spooky
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    my fattail geckos

    here are the links to my pics of my female and male fattails. first is my female from urban geckos stripe female
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    Our 1st Hypo has Hatched!!

    Hey tom yeah that's what our little guy look like when his being a monster lol