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    Help! New crestie Disease or virus or soemthing!

    Are you feeding them multivitamins with every meal? The reason I ask is because you can overdose a reptile with Vitamin D3, and it can cause MBD. D3 is stored in the body, not excreted, and it binds calcium into an unusable form. Daily insect dusting should be with calcium WITHOUT Vitamin...
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    I need to change how old my gecko is

    So post more, so you can catch up with your gecko ;)
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    The story of my cresties (some questions)

    The tannish one I would call a tiger. I would also call her a probably female since she has no pores or a bulge, but some boys are late bloomers. The one with the orange dorsal I would consider a harlequin, and a probable male ( I see a little bulge happening too). What color is he when he fires...
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    Modge Podge Sealer

    I'd be interested to know the answer too. I've considered making some backgrounds and sealing them with Mod Podge but I want sure if it's safe.
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    What does lavender mean for crested geckos?

    Thank you Indyana, that was very helpful!
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    Help! i cant tell if my crested gecko is eating!

    I hardly ever actually see my cresties eat. All but one seems to prefer to eat in darkness, after the lights are out. I make sure to see how full their CGD cup is when I put in, then you can see if it's lower the next day. Even then, it's hard to tell with light eaters, especially babies...
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    Poorly Crested Gecko

    What are you feeding her? Are you giving her any extra calcium? Egg laying takes a lot of calcium from a geckos body. Low calcium can cause MBD, poor muscle movement, neurological symptoms, and shaking, among other things.
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    Is 75 to big?

    I've been considering the same idea--dividing up a 125 gallon tank I have into several "slots" for cresties. Idk what to divide with though. I was thinking about those black sunshades with suction cups, like the kind you use for a baby in a car? Does anyone else think that might work?
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    Cool lil guy!

    Wow, he is stunning!
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    What kind of crestie is this?

    I'm totally new to cresties and have been trying to learn the morphs and traits... But my total noob guess is a yellow brindle? I'm sure someone who knows what they are talking about will come along soon and tell you. I'm more or less trying to gauge I'd I've learned anything today Your...
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    Our first cresties

    Very cute little guys! Congrats!
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    What does lavender mean for crested geckos?

    Hi, I've been trying to familiarize myself with the various morphs and traits of cresties, and more then once I've seen the word "lavender" used to describe a color. What color is it exactly? Also, does anyone know of a guide to crestie colors? I know every species has its own standard for...