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    Mr. Personality

    Your beardie is beautiful. I love my beardie, they have great personalities. My iguana is a different story. He's a butthole.
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    Under tank heater and tiles??

    Hello everyone, I have a question. Will an under tank heater work ok if I use tiles in my tank? Will the heat come through the tiles and make them warm? Thanks for any help.
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    man eating geckos!

    They sound pissed!...too cute!...:main_yes:
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    2 tremper

    Pretty babies :main_thumbsup:
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    Giant or non-Giant? Based on this pic..

    So what do you classify as a "normal Amount"?...
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    Giant or non-Giant? Based on this pic..

    He is growing so much so fast!...I can't wait til August, I bet he will be soo big already! he eat a lot?...He looks pretty chubby in that pic...:main_laugh:
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    Another update on Dante

    How is he doing?....
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    Giant or non-Giant? Based on this pic..

    I can't wait to bring him home!....I'm excited...:main_yes:
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    Another update on Dante

    Awe thats sad...:(...The last about 5-6 days that my little one was alive he had his eyes shut a lot, he would walk really slow and he would lay on the cold side of his tank by his water dish....He would lay really weird too...sometimes he would lay with one or both of his arms back...I could...
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    Another update on Dante

    Sorry to hear that....:o...How old is he?....Is he walking around really slow and keeping his eyes closed a lot?...
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    Her eyes are not getting better

    So sorry to hear that your'e having so many problems!...Hang in there, hopefully everything will get better...:main_yes:
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    Rookie Mistake

    How long have you had him?...
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    I had a nice day too...

    very pretty babies!...congrats!..:main_thumbsup:
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    *Would anyone be interested? Nd serious HELP*

    I'm not beating myself up over it...The more reading and looking around I do on here the more I think things just weren't right with them from the start...The main thing I regret is how I just jumped into getting them...I should have done more homework first...... I also thought about how...
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    Did I get a RAPTOR??

    Whatever they may be they sure are beauties!...:D