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    Red-Eyed Bush Crocodile

    Stunning species congrats :)
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    Crag Lizards?

    I am assuming you mean Lang's Girdled Lizard (Pseudocordylus langi) there is a little bit of info on them, but not a lot on their care. Type in the above name and see what you can find :)
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    OMG, call the fire dept!

    Stunning garg, love the colour :)
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    few of the gang

    Very pretty gargs :)
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    Last babies of 2010

    Aww very cute hatchlings, congrats :)
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    I would say flame from the pic, cant see any markings on the flanks
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    I just wondered if anyone is getting anything from Hamm show in Germany in March? I have a few geckos pre-booked, and will be going to collect them. I am really excited as I haven't been to Hamm for a few years :)
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    Baby setup?

    I also house hatchlings in faurnarium (critter keeper) they also find it hard to find food in a very large enclosure - plus you can monitor them much easier in the smaller ones :)
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    VERY young leachie just laid eggs!

    Great video, thanks for sharing
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    Nuu ana fast line

    Stunning leachies, lovely markings and colours too :)
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    All my Gargs

    Beautiful looking gargs :)
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    My Scuttles

    Lovely cresty :)
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    Just wondered, does no-one keep sarasinorum on here?