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    This really pains me to do this but i have to

    I have two kittens that need to be adopted ASAP. Back in march i came home from college for a weekend home and heard cries in my outdoor basement, when i went down there i have discovered two kittens cold and abandoned. Being the animal lover I am i brought them a blanket and food and checked...
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    A few more for all the dart lovers

    Tony, i am not sure what i should be more impessed about the frogs or the photos.. the pics came out great and they look great :)
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    my crested gecko won't let me hold him anymore

    Jaybee Made this video, I hope this helps.
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    Just a little lps ranting from me...

    The p3t-c0 where i bought spot from used to be DECENT. Spot was in great shape when i bought him and has been thriving since. What irks me is they USED to have decent quality animals there, i dont know what happened but if i am low on feeders (cause im having a slow start with colonizing) and...
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    Gecko Give Away

    Pictures please?
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    I almost cried...

    Glad to hear the progress!!!!
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    Feeder Failures (lots of CUTE pics)

    I have never seen such beautiful "feeders", I dont see how a pet store would be able to sell good lookin animals as feeders. My local pet store only has solid white or brown mice, never seen such brilliant oranges on a mouse before. Keep in mind mice multiply A LOT so you may be able to make...
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    Do you love geckos? No, really though, do you?

    The last pic is precious! lol Here is my set up... I use coco fiber, Yes loose substrate EEEK but they have been pooping and eating just fine, I dont intend on sticking with coco I just figured i would try what was out there ;) here is my un-natural but IMHO cute set up lol Where are my...
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    Do you love geckos? No, really though, do you?

    :o Why did you complain about paper towel when you have it? :main_robin: and that looks like a tub not a glass tank to me. I dont see the silicone glue in the corners that is the "halmark" of tanks. *however, there is a hide that looks like a rock, and they do like rocky terrain desert...
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    Do you love geckos? No, really though, do you?

    We love our geckos and you love yours, don't let your passion for the species die, but keep in mind with any hobby there are its negatives. Not every person will ever see eye to eye, but remember there are reasons certain practices are carried out. and to give you a really good example which...
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    Do you love geckos? No, really though, do you?

    I can appreciate your point of view, In other ways I cant. I hate rack systems myself, but that is because i love decorating tanks and making them little habitat homes! However, I do not have the large number of geckos some of the people on here have. A plastic bin sounds horirble and...
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    WANTED: Pair of viper geckos

    My anniversary is comming up, my boyfriend told me if i wanted anything to let him know (as long as its reasonable). I am looking for a pair of viper geckos, the younger (but still visually sexable) the better. Help make my anniversary great! Help me find some vipers! At a reasonable price of...
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    Caption This

    Nexus: "I know you said that cavity was killing you but I didn't think you were serious!!"
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    Gift exchanges - "Naughty List"

    Bump (just so it doesnt get lost in the sauce ;) ) I hope those that did recieve are happy and those that didnt still enjoyed gifting others. You know... you should keep your naughty list.. lol and in the future anyone from those lists tries to attempt getting in future exchanges give them a...
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    I almost cried...

    I say call animal cruelty you have him in your posession. you can at the very least have them shut own temporarily and they will seize their current animals. I wouldnt have even paid for an animal in that condition I would have called a few vets and ask where to go to get help then you could...